Friday, April 06, 2007

They came they came!!

If you recall, I won a radio contest and unexpectedly received CDs and Subway money rather than the much-anticipated PJs. While I was thrilled with my winnings, I was (not so) secretly disappointed at not receiving the PJs. You can imagine my absolute elation when a man knocked on our door (in Edmonton) last week and handed me MY PJs!! The best part is... they fit (but how could they not with my meticulous instructions...really.)

Unfortunately, I have this bad habit of not wearing new clothes for fear of prematurely wearing them out. It gets a tad ridonkulous because then they basically go out of style and I never end up wearing them. Apparently this goes for alarm clock covered jammies too. Silly I know. I think I'm gonna save them til I'm married. Lowell likes them; I think he'll be up for a little alarm clock lingerie.

Sooo, thanx John Tesh... again.


Shelley said...

sweet pj's.
I don't think you should wait to wear them. If I were you, i'd wear them tonight when you go to bed. It would be a pity to waste such cool pajamas.

shareen said...

wow, my pj's are never so matchy matchy...but very snazzy, julie, and it just goes to show that all those directions paid off. what size did they send you? or did they cusom make them as to your directions?

Angella said...

How cute are you? SO CUTE!! :)

David said...

You should have titled this post PJs, OJ, and PB&J. Then you could have added photos of you sitting in your Pjs eating breakfast, and it would have had a fancy-schmancy title to boot.

That is my blog-specific creative genius at work. Maybe some of your fiancees creativity has rubbed off on me...

I could intern for Small Idea ( a television production company highlighting several meat products teaching the lessons of Judaism.)

Ok, I am done being annoying.