Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Today marks the beginning of a bittersweet time in my life. After completing a year and a half of classes and half my placements for my Masters in Speech Language Pathology, I’m back home in Lethbridge to finish my placements (with the kiddies), and here I will stay until I get married. I am SO looking forward to this because it means I get to spend my time with these two:

the 'rents

In this house:

Where there is free reign over everything in here:

(I've blogged about this before, but it bears repeating)

And I can get the ol' brows waxed for FIVE BUCKS (on Tuesdays and Wednesdays) :

(Just for the record, I don't usually document such occasions)

All of which I looooooove.

Along with all this sweetness, however, there is also bitterness. I leave behind:

My Edmonton room:

(Yes, that is a real clock, and yes it is large. Giant clocks are a weakness of mine.)

Which contains my faithful plant (which has been dead since about my second week in Edmonton, but it stayed in the same corner the entire time.... and it's still there even though I'm gone!) :

In our Edmonton home:

(This picture was taken back in the day when Edmonton housing was semi affordable!)

With my sister!:

And our trusty Volvo (which may or may not be on its last legs...) :

And I'm leaving behind my second Edmonton home...Corbett Hall:

As well as proximity to MEC:

And many close friends:

These are the roomies!!

And the absolute worst part of leaving Edmonton is that I'm leaving this guy behind:

Oh how I loves my honey bunches of oats.

It is the end of an era! And the beginning of a new one. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes - I suppose it is sad leaving your sister and fiance behind in Edmonton - but look on the bright side - not only do you get to hang out with your parents, and live in a big beautiful house, and eat lot's of good food in a big fridge, and get your eyebrows waxed, but you get to live with ME!!!!!

Lowell Taylor said...

Valid comment Alisha, however, she has left ME! *sigh* I suppose I will be able to get some work done now. =) Don't they say "Distance makes the heart grow stronger?" Here is to strong hearts!

Lowell & Julie said...

Yes Alisha, definitely a valid point. We shall have many fun times ahead!

And Lowell, distance makes the heart grow FONDER. Sorry to say, I don't think our hearts will get any stronger. Heehee :)

Shelley said...

no, no, no lowell. I think you mean "distance makes the heart grow fungus". kidding, kidding
Wow, lots of changes for you, Julie! But i think they're good ones and after this last practicum, there will be many more changes to be had.
Change is good. And in some cases, change is GREAT!!

Shelley said...

You know what would be a good change? moving to VANCOUVER!!~)

Lowell & Julie said...

Oh wait, is it actually ABSENCE makes the heart grow fonder? So maybe you're right Lowell, maybe distance DOES make the heart grow STRONGER ;)

Shelley, Shelley, are you looking for more friends in Vancouver? ;)

Shelley said...

Of course!
I'm always on the lookout for cool, new friends!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a lot of changes coming up for you - wahooo!!! Enjoy the ride and good luck in your last practicum.

Avery said...

Yes, a lot of good memories in that house:) I'm so glad that I could have you as a roommate Julie - you're awesome! I'm looking forward to dinner get togethers now at each others' houses - we'll have to think up excuses to get together when you move back to edmonton in the fall!!

Thanks so much for the card and the CD. I stopped by to see Tara today and there it was on the counter:)

Have fun in Lethbridge!

Melinda said...

wow Julie.
I just met you today, and I must say that that was one of the best photo-blogs I've seen in a long time.

AJ Wilgus said...

I miss you Julie!!! sorry I had to be in hawaii during your going away party:(