Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Family photos: eighth anniversary edition.

We like to get family photos done annually during our anniversary week. This summer we celebrated EIGHT YEARS of marriage (yay us!), and our good friend, Chelsea, snapped some family photos for us. How fortuitous that such a great pal just happens to be brilliant behind the lens. Also, the boys were super comfortable because- duh- IT'S AUNTIE CHELS! Thanks for the amazing memories, Chels!

Stefan is 2 1/4 and Fraser is 3 3/4... approximately. ;)
 This was when we thought that by encouraging fake laughter, the resulting smiles would be completely natural... we were wrong.

This is not the first time that the boys have veered from our expectations and come up with something SO much better. Here's a flashback to last year when we anticipated their glowing smiles facing the camera while we kissed.

This monkey-see-monkey-do moment of perfection was captured by our friend, Danielle!
I think we can all agree that their spontaneity is much preferred. I can't wait to see what they pull on us next year!

Back to this year's fab collection...

It was at this point that Chelsea's true commitment to the task shone through as she got soaking wet. It was a little later on that she split her pants... and kept going. Ultimate dedication.

A little behind-the-scenes moment that Lowell captured with such speed and subtlety! Haha... sorry Chels (but not really). ;)

Once the boys' tootsies had a feel for the water, we could hardly pull them from such pleasantries. Thus began the delightful progression of wetness...

Enough with those pesky shirts...

Oh gosh. So typical, and melts my heart every time.
Stefan's "cheese" isn't at all stiff, is it?! haha.

I love love LOVE them. All. You rock, Chels.

After the photo fun, we went to Nick & Chelsea's place for ice cream! Well if that don't beat all.

A couple of days later, our families had more lake & ice cream time together. I'm just going to go right ahead and toss a few of those casual snaps up too...

Rough life!
The four little hooligans.
One of my favourite photos of all time. Nico has his arm around Fraser and is pointing out the pelican in the distance. PLUS there's that whole awesome thing the setting sun in doing. So idyllic!
I love that this forced friendship has morphed into a true bond.
Thanks again for the pictures, Chels. You're a treasure of a friend, and we love you to the moon (and back)!