Tuesday, April 10, 2007

He's the man!

Who's the man you ask? Why, that would be Larry Birkhead of course.

For those of you who have lived under a rock for the past several months (or just haven't exposed yourselves to trashy, useless celebrity gossip), I'll fill you in on the "news" story that has taken over celebrity headlines for a few months now (which I think is a few months too long).

It all started when Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel died unexpectedly. Recently it was discovered that the cause of death was a drug overdose. He got into Mama's meds. Sad.

Then Anna had a baby. She claimed the baby belonged to her partner (and lawyer) Howard K. Stern. Larry Birkhead would have none of it, and claimed his paternal contribution.

Then Anna died unexpectedly. Also of a drug overdose. The news was covering this soooo much, and I thought, 'Why is she famous again? Oh right. She was a playboy model and had a controversial marriage when she married an 89-year old and stood to inherit billions. Of course.' Well, since she died, her daughter now stands to inherit billions.

I chose one of the less completely ridiculous pictures of Anna.

Apparently Anna is no stranger to other men's beds as several came forward claiming they were the father of the baby. Larry and Howard were most insistent, but lucky for Larry, DNA test results just confirmed that he is indeed the father of baby Danielyn.

Now hopefully entertainment news can lay this story to rest. And this story (or these characters) will not grace my blog again. *tsk tsk* I hang my head in shame that I contributed to the spreading of the Anna Story. But now we can pay attention to the news that really matters... like the fact that Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are dating! Tee hee hee :)


David said...

I was really rooting for the heavy-set, shovel-happy mother to get the kid. Maybe she could raise her as well as she raised her own daughter.

*tongue in cheek, of course*

Susan said...

Who is Larry Birkhead? Wow, I'm out of the Hollywood loop. :)

P.S. Owen Wilson is my favourite.

Angella said...

Now MAYBE we can stop hearing about the whole sordid affair. I doubt it though :)

Shelley said...

I thought that kate and owen broke up...again.

Melinda said...

i was surprisingly saddened (given that i don't know the parties involved) when kate hudson and her rock star husband got divorced.
they were cute.
they had a baby.
he had a beard.
he loved her when she was 'fat'.
or so it seemed.

rock on.