Tuesday, April 22, 2014


For the first two months of Stefan's life, we lived with my parents. When we came home, Stefan didn't really have a room. He started out in the living room, but that got old fast.

He also shared a room with Fraser for about a month, but mama decided that the household (meaning mama) wasn't ready for that yet. I'm sure the kids would've been fine, but when I heard sounds, I became paranoid that they'd wake each other, and it just wasn't worth my loss of sleep.

So, our next option was to transform our always-disastrous office/storage/work-out/craft/Kumeu's room.

See what I mean by always disastrous? Which was especially unfortunate considering that it didn't have a door and was the only room clearly visible from the front entrance. Cringe.

So, first things first, we bought and painted a door so our friend of many talents, Dave, could come and put it up for us (thanks Dave)!

And then for like 3 months, we just put the playpen IN the closed-door disaster area. You're welcome, Stefan.

Then a serious purge/re-organization/moving-Kumeu-to-the-freezer-area needed to take place.

I know. This looks hoardish and HORRENDOUS, but it really does mean PROGRESS!

Then I painted the shelf and desk cuz the blonde look just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

Then more painting took place as I decided I wanted a wainscoting look, but not just any wainscoting look... I wanted it to be functional/fun for kiddies. As in, look good, and ALSO BE A WHITEBOARD. So I painted the lower portion of one wall with whiteboard paint (you know, so it can be drawn on with dry erase markers). However, I do not plan to introduce this concept to our children until they fully understand that it is a rare occasion indeed that they can DRAW ON A WALL.

I stumbled upon this dresser (my antique guru of a mom swears it's worth at least four times what we paid).

I sewed up some quickie blankets (with Fraser's help, apparently).

Seriously, we're talkin two slabs of material sewn together here, people.

We did a photo shoot with Stefan so we had matchy matchy booky pictures for the reading corner. And I also hit up my friend Tiff of Be Filled fame for some of her amazing frames.

And I special requested a close-up black and white family shot by Rachel Joyce Photography for above the crib (which, by the way, we scored on kijiji and kind of low-balled because it REEKED of sick disgusting smoke which we thankfully managed to remedy). Again, the frame is from Tiff (but of course).

Oh, and we got new curtains and blinds. And area rug. And clock.

And the adorable growth chart was a gift from our friend Alexa.

Months ago, the room was completely done minus the moulding on the wainscoting. I had the moulding painted and ready to be cut and mounted but we just NEVER GOT AROUND TO IT. Finally, last week I looked out the window and saw Grandpa Les (aka our sweet adorable 90ish-year old neighbour) outside working a table saw, so I scooped up the kids and the moulding and got that sucker cut. The second Lowell got home, we mounted it and I filled the holes and did a final paint job... and the ROOM IS DONE!!!!!

So are you ready for the final product yet? Here she is... Stefan's room/the office (although REALLY the office has been kind of relocated to the dining room as when the office is needed, Stef is often asleep in there... sort of inconvenient). But anyhoo, HERE IT IS!

And can I just say that I LOVE it? Like, I really love it. So simple yet so cozy. And the kids love it too.  I snuggle with one or both kids in the big chair, and Fraser gets some reading done in the little chair.

I finished this room JUST in time to be inspired to re-do Fraser's room (can you hear Lowell's groan from there?).  It will become Fraser AND Stefan's room (again) and I have big plans, baby. That also means, however, that this room that I JUST COMPLETED will go through yet another transformation. Ah well, Lowell will be happy to reclaim the office... provided that it doesn't take me 9 years to finish the brothers' room!

PS I can hardly post such a post without acknowledging my good friend Chels who was my sounding board and decorating expert throughout the whole process... thanks Chels!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Nico: the Skiing Superstar

CHEY- THIS IS FOR YOU! You want photographic evidence of Nico on skis? I'll GIVE you photographic evidence of Nico on skis! Let's just call a spade a spade here- Nick & Chels never pull their weight in the photography department. So rather than fruitless begging/bribing/threatening, why don't you just come straight to me in the future, mmkay?

PS- Nick & Chels, I meant that all in the nicest and most loving/respectful way possible. (ha!)

Nico the Skiing Superstar!