Friday, January 22, 2010

Or not...

Turns out that the "$1,000" prize package is actually pretty chintzy. It includes a hotel and breakfast for 5 days... that's all. We're no mathematicians, but even at the fanciest of resorts, we can't quite figure out how that little package would be worth $1,000 USD. When we were there in May/June, we paid about 8 bucks a day for accommodations AND breakfast for BOTH of us. So what I'm trying to say is... our dreams of reliving our Thai days are over. No more elephants, monkeys, or tigers. No more authentic Thai cuisine or talior made outfits. No more scuba diving or experiencing the culture... unless of course someone had a few thousand dollars and/or a couple flights to Thailand to spare... :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Apparently we're going back to Thailand!

You may or may not recall that in October we applied to be Thailand's Ultimate Explorers. Well, we didn't make the finals (and the criteria they used for the finalists remains somewhat of a mystery), but this morning we found out that we received a prize for 'Most Creative Video'. WOOHOOO! This prize includes a 5 night stay at a Thai resort. I'm not sure what else it includes, but apparently the package is worth $1000 USD. UNFORTUNATELY this enviable prize doesn't include FLIGHTS (which is really the only pricey part about going to Thailand) so perhaps we'll randomly run into a small fortune, or at the very least find cheapo seat sales. Clearly we can't let this opportunity slip us by! $3 massages? Amazing tailor made clothes? Scuba diving? CURRY?!?!!! Count us in!

Here's the video if you care to take a gander (or click here if you're viewing this on facebook or feed reader)...

Friday, January 08, 2010

By the way...

I look totally awesome when I cross country ski...

(FYI: This picture was meant to highlight my frosted hair and my frosted hair ONLY. I had been skiing with Dad & Lowell (i.e., 2 BOYS) and they failed to inform me that I had black smeared over my entire face. What a pleasant surprise it was when I took a gander through the photos hours later...)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What a pivotal decade for Lowell & Julie!

Just takin' a look-see back at 2000-2009...
  • Graduated from high school

  • Spent 8 days on a Ferris wheel at the Calgary Stampede for a radio competition (Lowell)
  • Started university

  • Met, became friends, started dating
  • Debuted our love of duct tape

  • Moved away from home (and then continued to move a grand total of 16 more times between the two of us)
  • Went partly through a silage bagger and survived (Lowell)
  • Completed New Media internship in the States (Lowell)
  • Graduated with undergrad degree from U of L, then later with masters degree from U of A (Julie)

  • Graduated with undergraduate degree from U of L (and will graduate with masters degree in 2010) (Lowell)
  • Welcomed 6 new siblings into our families (i.e., in-laws!)
  • Became aunt/uncle X5

  • Got married

  • Bought our first house

  • 11 triathlons completed between the two of us

  • Got real jobs
  • Went brunette (temporarily)

  • Lived/worked/traveled abroad (and participated in every extreme sport under the sun)

  • Completed first marathon (Lowell… definitely not Julie)

  • Visited 10 countries between the two of us
  • Met a TON of amazing people around the world and formed several wonderful friendships
WHAT A DECADE! here's to another decade jam-packed full o' fun...