Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tis the season to be adorable!



Fraser requested "pretend reindeer, lights for our house, and lights for our tree". And Stefan screamed. Santa need not be offended, however, as Stefan is very much in a mama's boy phase. The other day I wasn't home when he woke up from his nap, and he wouldn't let his own (super involved/loved) father get him. Instead he happily sang and chatted by himself in bed for over half an hour until I returned. Kind of an inconvenient stage (but I secretly love it).

Anyhoo, on the way home from meeting Santa (and thereby witnessing Stefan's very brief but very real freak-out), Fraser explained to Stefan very matter of factly that "sometimes Santa is scary and sometimes Santa is nice..." We attempted to reassure both children that Santa never intends to be scary, but because he's a stranger and kind of creepy looking, some kids might not be thrilled to sit on his germ-infested lap. Lowell is now second guessing these Santa lies that I am liberally feeding our children. haha! I'm like, "Welp. Good thing their dad is a psychologist" and then frantically attempt to locate a non-life-sized pretend reindeer for under five bucks.

Plus, Stefan really does love the idea of Santa (and the fact that Santa says "ho ho ho Mas [combo of Merry & Christmas]!"). I promise. He just doesn't love being thrust upon the lap of an obese, super hairy, creepily-curly-bearded strange man in a velvet suit.


Throw some Santa hats on these kids, let them go wild in the snow, and they're simply adorable...