Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving Chuck


Heard of it?

It's the best. The. Absolute. BEST!

It's an action-comedy (and let's be honest...ROMANCE (kind of)) about a computer whiz who, as Wikipedia so eloquently puts it, "receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend now working in the CIA; the message embeds the only remaining copy of the world's greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain". Therefore, he's a SECRET ASSET to the CIA and is basically "saving the world at 11 dollars an hour".

It's filled with pretty girls, action, romance, and HUMOUR. SO much humour. What combination could possibly beat that?

Pretty girl alert! Pretty girl alert!

Lowell and I recently discovered that Chuck's third season was NEARLY canceled due to lack of ratings. Well it's time for us to provide a little public service here to help save Chuck because we don't want another Veronica Mars* situation on our hands.

So here goes...WATCH CHUCK. Trust me- it's great. Zachary Levi (Chuck) and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) are now two of my all time favourite actors. I secretly dream of being Sarah's right hand woman. Helping kick some serious butt for the CIA.

Sarah: Awesome CIA Agent #1...

Julie: Awesome CIA Agent #1's Super Secret Super Special Sidekick...

If I can be this fierce in my own backyard, IMAGINE how much damage I can do to bad guys... while armed.

*By the time Lowell and I even discovered Veronica Mars, it was already canceled. FOR SHAME. Had we heard about it earlier, we definitely would've supported the crap out of it and surely saved it from it's undeserved demise.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

A little glimpse back to the land of the long white cloud (apparently I'm having a hard time letting go)...

When Lowell and I lived in NZ, we lived in a cutesie cozy little homey cottage.

It was located in a vineyard/horse/strawberry field/produce stand area.

We basically lived in the country with every convenience the city has to offer about 6 minutes away.

(our Hollywood-esque driveway)

(Part of our extremely expansive yard)

The cottage was a little rustic and definitely had character. Birds lived in the chimney of the pot belly stove, and random cats came for regular visits.

Yes. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful and very "Alice in Wonderland"...

Welllll, one of our friendly little "neighbours" spent it's time trotting along the ceiling above our bedroom. Lowell suggested that perhaps it was a rat, but given the history of birds in the chimney, I gently told him he was being stupid, and we decided that it was a sweet, innocent, non-disgusting

Now fast forward. After we moved out of the cottage and traveled around the country for two months, we returned to the homestead to bid our final farewell to the family next door. At this time, they gave us a 'cottage update'. Apparently the new tenants could not sleep at night due to the noise in the ceiling. They decided to investigate. They climbed up to the roof and looked inside where the entire floor of the ceiling moved with tiny RATS. GROSS. The false ceiling was muffling most of the noise, but the rats freely transported themselves in and out via the overhanging tree. GROSS GROSS GROSS. I'm soooo glad I didn't know that. I think I would have become all sorts of mentally INSANE with the knowledge that HUNDREDS of baby rats were sharing my bedroom with me.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why ignorance truly is bliss.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Reality Strikes

"Hey. Real life...weeeeeeee're BAAAAAAAACK!"

Yeah yeah I know... I'm a bit behind in the blogging game. Apparently real life isn't quite as exciting as traveling on the other side of the world!

So here's where it's at. We finally moved into our house (that we've owned for 2 years but have never lived in). We're living in the basement, but we have nothing to complain about- it's bright, it's spacious, and most importantly... it's OURS. Plus the renters upstairs are awesome.

Oh, and we're a block and a half away from my parents which has been a delightful bonding experience! (PS- I think we're a little more attached to my parents than your average almost-27-year-old-married-to-an-almost-28-year-old).

Anyhoo, here's a glimpse of our humble abode...

The counter space is a DREAM!

Dining area/living room with pieces of New Zealand, Thailand, and of course Canada scattered about:

There's also a bathroom (which I don't think you need to see) and a rather spacious bedroom that doubles as an office, but it's not yet public-ready. Soon. Very soon.

One of the BEST parts of our house is the apple tree in the backyard. Two years ago, Lowell's sister, Lori, pruned it to perfection, and we've been reaping the benefits like CRAZY!

We've made apple pies...

Dried apples...

and apple sauce/fruit leather...

Such delicious little treats.


As for WORK (work? What's THAT?!), Lowell and I are both keeping busy. Lowell just began his 8 month practicum for counseling psychology (to complete his masters program) and I'm back as a speech pathologist with preschool and kindergarten kids. There are still a lot of cobwebs to shake off, but I'm loving the heck out of the kiddies!

And that is us. In a teeny tiny nutshell.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Taking Things for Granted

Before our Kiwi adventures, I took for granted that crossing the street came naturally to me. When in NZ, I almost got hit by a car about 19 times a day because I DIDN’T KNOW WHICH WAY TO LOOK! I thought that by returning to Canada, I would become a confident pedestrian once again… but NOPE. I’m more confused than ever. While in NZ, not only did I promptly adjust to driving on the left side of the road, but I survived death defying activities such as river surfing, jet boating, white water rafting and bungy jumping. Upon our return to Canada, I quickly re-adjusted to driving on the right side of the road (for the most part) just fine… but crossing the street? Forget it. If I die before I’m 30, it’ll DEFINITELY be a car that takes me down.

I think I'm MUCH safer skipping through the vast expanse of a farmer's field with nary a road to be seen...