Sunday, July 31, 2011

week 33 - pineapples and puppies!

There's some discrepancy among my sources! One site says Hazelnut is a little over 4lbs, and the other one claims he could be as big as 5.8lbs. I'm going to err on the HEAVIER side... so let's go with the 5.8lbs and over 17 inches long! Apparently his brain is doing some major developing (well, at least I hope it is), his bones are hardening (that must be why I'm craving milk so much), and he's able to keep his eyes open when he's awake!

And by the way. In case you're keeping track... there are TEN puppies in the above picture with me. Is that what heaven is like? Quite possibly!

Now for the listy-loo...

1. Lowell’s been a busy boy. Right on the heels of our crazy week away, he spent 3 days on a horseback riding trip with the boys (‘Studs on Steeds’), then stayed an extra day at the farm where I met him to take puppy pictures.

I don’t know how military wives do it. That was the longest we’ve been apart in our married life, and I was not a fan. Me no no likey when he's gone!

The morning after returning home, he completed an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) in Raymond. Crazy, wonderful, athletic boy.

This mama’s sooo happy to have her baby daddy back!

2. While I’m really enjoying pregnancy and having a socially acceptable Buddha belly, sometimes I eye up cute little outfits and wish I could wear them. Let’s take, for example, this adorable little dress that my hot tamale of a sister, Carlynne, is wearing (which I will be borrowing the second I can squeeze into it, by the way).

Also apparently my bacne needs to dissipate before I don this little number...

3. This past week, Lowell and I celebrated FOUR YEARS of marriage. The time has flown, and yet it feels like we’ve been together forever. Basically, I love the heck out of the guy, and I’m fairly certain I’m the luckiest gal on earth.

4. I highly recommend living near parents when pregnant. That is, if your parents are as amazing as MINE are! This week (while Lowell was away), I came home from a doctor’s apt to discover my mama cheerfully mowing our lawn. Then another day, I dropped Kumeu off at their house on my way to work, and when I got back in the car to head to work, it wouldn’t start. Without giving it a second thought, Mom dropped what she was doing, tossed me the keys to their van, and had the car dealt with! They feed us, they hang out with us, they look after Kumeu, and they help out in random and very appreciated ways. They’re pretty much amazing…and I anticipate that I’ll continue to enjoy their proximity once the babe comes!

5. I love that I get threatening messages when my Sunday posts get a little late. I totally look forward to my updates too because I loooooove your comments. You people really pump up my tires!

6. Marc, Kylie & Ty came to Lethbridge for a few days following our family reunion, and Ty and Kumeu got along famously!

7. It’s been no secret that we’re hoping for a boy. HOWEVER, we have a sneaky suspicion that Hazelnut is a girl…

8. The hip has been a tad ridiculous. There IS, however, always a silver lining. I will never take painless walking for granted again, and labour may seem like less of a big deal.

9. Along that same vein... I FINALLY GOT A MATERNITY MASSAGE! And it was glorious. Oddly enough, however, the first thing a random stranger said to me post-massage was “you should get that leg checked out.” Apparently my limp was not to be massaged right out or disguised in any way, but the massage was still heavenly.

Unfortunately for Lowell (and fortunately for ME), I've discovered that receiving a nice massage prior to beddy-bye time has resulted in less hip pain through the night and MUCH better sleeps. Lucky Lowell!

10. I enjoy when I enter an establishment, and people make eye contact me, then their entire head moves down as they obviously shift their gaze to my belly. Or when little girls whisper to their Moms, “Mommy, look at that girl’s belly”. Or when little boys do a double take of my belly, and—with their eyes nearly pop out of their heads—slowly walk backwards to their parents without removing their terrified gaze from my swollen abdomen.

11. I spotted a woman rocking shorts, knee-high support hose (like mine), and runners. Perhaps I should swallow my pride and attempt the same look…

Nope. Just can’t do it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

week 32 - rutabaga

Hazelnut weighs about 3.75 lbs... just like a rutabaga (which, I think, sounds much nicer than 'giant turnip'). I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I'll be interested to learn whether this babe is on track with 3.75lbs, or closer to the 10lb mark. Apparently any time now he should be moving into his 'birth-ready' position (head-down). Oy!


1. People are VERY nice to pregnant ladies. They’ll pretty much bend over backwards for you. I HAVE heard, however, that once the baby arrives, people aren’t QUITE so accommodating (which is weird because I’m guessing that I’m going to need a LOT more help/sympathy when this child is on the outside). I better lap this up while I can!

2. I had every intention of completing a weeny teeny mini triathlon on July 30th, but the left side of my body has other plans for my life. Over the past week, my left hip/bum/upper leg has deteriorated, and WALKING has become somewhat of a grueling task. I now have a whole new respect for elderly folks and obese people. Day-to-day tasks are TRICKY!

3. Lowell is pretty much going to be the best father on the planet- I can hardly wait to see him with our child. Here’s a tiny glimpse of him with our adorable nephew, Ty.

And a wee video! I didn't really catch Ty in his true giggling state- I always pulled the camera out TWO seconds too late... but you still get the idea.

4. Besides the very regular, “What? You’re not due TOMORROW?! Then you must be having twins or triplets!” comments, Kylie overheard a little tyke at the beach say, “Mommy, that girl has a beach ball in her swimming suit!”

(For the record, I totally don’t mind all the ‘huge’ comments. I think they’re kind of fun… as long as they stop the INSTANT this Hazelnut is born!)

5. When visiting my great uncle at a small town Saskatchewan hospital, 5 of us charged in only to be met with panic-stricken looks at the front desk. The hospital apparently avoids deliveries at all costs, and they thought I was in labour. No thanks… not ready for THAT yet!

6. We’ve had a crazy week of traveling (more to come on that another day), and as we were driving through North Dakota we spotted a billboard for ‘Big J’s Restaurant’ and decided that a marvelous photo opportunity awaited (as I am indeed a ‘Big J’). Unfortunately the restaurant was no longer in existence, but Lowell did not miss the opportunity to adopt 'Big J' as a new pet name for me (said in a deep resonant bass voice of course). Awwwwwww how sweet.

7. I can't believe the countdown is at 54 days!!

8. Over and out!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

week 31 - coconut

Hazelnut is now the size of a coconut! Well, at least this PARTICULAR coconut which just HAPPENS to weigh exactly 3.5lbs (trust me... I checked). We took this photo in Edmonton at Uncle Sid & Auntie Marge’s (Dan’s parents) house. I’m pretending to drink the coconut milk whilst coconut aroma assailed our senses (as Auntie Marge was coinkidinkally toasting coconut at the same time). I've also been liberally treating myself to mocha coconut frappaccinos, so coconut has very much been a theme in my life!

According to my sources, all 5 of Hazelnut’s senses are now in working order. FUN! Also, my uterus is starting to suffocate me a little bit (as- surprise surprise- it's still growing). After climbing 2 stairs (not 2 FLIGHTS of stairs... just 2 individual stairs), I find myself clinging to the wall for support as I huff and puff in an attempt to catch my breath and regain my composure.

Now the list.

1. DAILY I receive comments about how large I am and how crazy it is that I still have 9 weeks to go. The other day a man asked me how many DAYS I had left, then he just about fell off his bike when I told him I had almost 10 weeks to go. “Good luck with that!” he called as he biked across the street.

I DO feel large, and I DO feel quite like a house. Lowell so eloquently assured me, however, that I AM a house… for our little Hazelnut! That guy really does have a way with words, doesn’t he?! It's a gift.

2. Glass after glass (or jug after jug) of cold, cold, ICE cold refreshing milk. That’s where it’s at. And, of course, popsicles. And just plain ice.

3. This week we attended the most intense half birthday party ever to be thrown on earth. We sang half of 'half-ty birthday', there was half of an extremely impressive cake, and there was a 'half' themed quiz where the winner got half of his meal paid for by having HALF of the answers correct (that was Lowell by the way). I feel shamed that in all our years of celebrating half birthdays (as we grew up celebrating such things), the most creativity I've mustered up is to make a cake. And not even half a cake. I think it's time we pick it up a notch. Thank you, Joelle, for the inspiration (and the great party!)!

4. Hazelnut attended his second wedding (although it was the first wedding attended by INVITATION as his mama crashed a wedding in June… but that’s another story for another day). My cousin Ben married the lovely Katie (and my Uncle Morris officiated)...

The bathroom signs at the reception were rather amusing. I think the creator of these symbols was a leetle optimistic about proportions. One might be hard-pressed to find clothing that fits...

It was great to see my wonderful G relations again, and see how big my little cousins are getting. Much more G family fun to come this next week… FAMILY REUNION!!! In SOUTH DAKOTA!

5. Hazelnut witnessed his Dad start and finish a half marathon! Lowell ran 'the Moose is Loose' which goes through Edmonton's beautiful river valley. He finished in an hour and 49 minutes... GO LOWELL!! Zabu also did the half marathon and Ruth did the 10km. I sat on a curb.

Here he is about to start. "Good gracious what have I gotten myself into..."

In the following picture, Lowell's about to cross the finish line as I'm jumping up and down yelling "He's the father of my child!!" (Kidding kidding... I would never do that... but I wanted to).

All done!

And he scored a fabulous (and free!) massage out of the deal...

Yeay Zab & Ruth!

6. My left side has taken a bit of a beating, and it feels AND looks like that of a 95-year old. There are the veins that we all know and love, I am regularly getting nasty Charlie horses which keep my calf in a continual state of soreness, and I’m pretty sure my left hip-bum has fallen out of its socket. (Good thing I like 95-year olds.)

7. Baby hiccups are CUTE! And Lowell got to feel them for 5 solid minutes (in fact, he was the one to point out to me that they were probably hiccups. I had felt them before but just didn't know it.)

8. Profile shot sans arms...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

week 30 - cabbage

This pregnancy is THREE QUARTERS done, and Hazelnut is ~15 ¾ inches long, and weighs about 3 lbs. Personally, I think he weighs more than 3 lbs. Not because I want to give birth to a 16 lb child, but because I REFUSE to believe that only THREE POUNDS of my 30 lb weight gain is baby!

Okay, I’m going the listy-loo route again…

1. Normally I LOVE when people touch my belly, but this week a 40 year old man wearing black gloves in the 30 degree Celsius heat—who may or may not have been in the process of stealing a car— rapidly approached me in a parking lot, placed his hands on my belly and excitedly exclaimed, “Oh! You’re with child! God bless you!” I quickly shifted and hastened my pace all the while smiling politely. THAT I did not so much appreciate. Lucky for him it was me he tried that on and not some of my other preggo friends… I know a few gals who would’ve decked him on the spot. Creep.

2. More on the memory loss/lack of brain cells thing. I have definitely NOT been on my ‘A’ game socially. Normally I can keep a conversation going, fill the awkward silences, and usually come up with a witty comeback or two. Now I find myself staring blankly into people’s faces and NO WORDS COME. Or the WRONG words come. *sigh*

Also, “oops” has become the most used word in my lexicon.

3. We’ve been attempting to prepare Kumeu for the baby’s arrival, but I think he may already have some issues. This week our angel puppy child who never chews ANYTHING other than his toys made his way into the baby room and ate half of an adorable ‘umbilical cord toque’ that our friend Michelle so lovingly made for us. This toque was also special in that it was Hazelnut's FIRST gift...

I almost cried, and I don’t think it was just pregnancy hormones talking. You would too if you saw how adorable the toque was before it became lunch. Apparently Lowell needs to ramp up his counseling intensity with the pooch…

4. Lower back pain. It's not so fun. HOWEVER, Cherri taught us the pelvic tilt during the Healthy Pregnancy class and it has SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you, Cherri... we owe you. I’ve also been DYING to get a maternity massage, but I’ve shied away because of this loathsome bacne (which my faithful ointment-applying hubby daily insists is getting better). I wouldn’t want to scar the masseuse for life.

5. Braxton hicks. Happening all. the. time!

6. Is it normal that we go on significant grocery shopping trips every 2-3 days? For the TWO of us?! (This is not pregnancy related).

7. While the manufacturers are still in possession of my support hose, I am thoroughly enjoying the heavenly respite in this heat. Not ideal for the veins... but ah well!

I've seen a few pictures lately of fashionistas wearing knee socks and heels. Really? Is that back? I don't know if I can hop aboard that train. But I'll consider...

8. Lowell and I have kicked project mode into high gear- getting things done left, right, and centre. I had a rather spontaneous/big idea for the baby room which I started... so now I'm committed! I'll report back when the room is done (oooo the suspense!).

9. This week a colleague asked, "when are you due again?" Upon my response, her face crinkled in befuzzlement, and she replied, "Oh. You're...ummm..... quite huge!" hehe:)

Now excuse me while I go whip up some cabbage rolls...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

week 29- Canadian squutter butt nosh

Uhhhhhh, ya. We're not 100% sure about that one.

Aaaannd moving right along...

Hazelnut now weighs about as much as a butternut squash! ~2.5 lbs and a little over 15 inches long. And let me tell you, this baby is a mover and a shaker! He's constantly on the go (unless of course someone wants to feel/see the movement, then he falls instantly into a deep sleep). During my last two doctor visits, the doc was unable to calculate the beats per minute when listening to the heart beat because every few seconds Hazelnut would give the doppler a good boot then roll away. What a precocious little gaffer... we're so proud!

I have fairly random and unconnected thoughts to share, and as my deteriorating brain is no longer capable of subtle segues and ingenious transitions, I'm opting for point form.

1. CANADA DAY! Lowell and I looooove celebrating Canada's Birthday, and we drag Kumeu right into it with us.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the local Canada Day festivities, I couldn't help but wish that I was in Shareen's shoes. Not only did she get to spend Canada's birthday in our nation's capital with Carlynne & Dan... but she was a mere TEN FEET AWAY from PRINCE WILLIAM & KATE. And it gets better. Kate made EYE CONTACT and WAVED RIGHT AT HER!!! I'm all sorts of shades of green with envy!

2. We recently watched ‘Never Say Never’ with our small group pals, and I uncovered a deep, loyal and undying love for Justin Bieber (not even kidding). I didn’t even know his songs before, but now? Now his tunes are definitely going to dominate my labour mix!

3. Because of his visual impairment, Lowell hasn't really SEEN our baby kicking (i.e., my belly jiggling). Over the past couple of weeks, however, during our Healthy Pregnancy classes (taught by the lovely, knowledgable Cherri- Kylie's mama), Hazelnut's kicks made my name tag shake and bounce...and Lowell could SEE it! I then made him stare at my name tag for the remainder of the class. And since then, I've done a lot of putting-paper-on-belly-and-making-Lowell-stare (which he is MORE than willing to do).

4. Comments about my hugey hugeness have been on the rise. When people learn that I still have 11 weeks to go, they generally react with shock. One man suggested perhaps I was carrying twins, and here's a typical out-of-the-blue interaction with my loving husband:

Lowell: Should I pour some water over you?
Me: ummmmm, no thanks... why?
Lowell: Because you look like a beached whale.

Hardy har har! He also particularly enjoys standing in the doorway chuckling while I struggle to put my shoes on. All in good fun, my friends. All in good fun...

Here's a final glimpse of my growing abdomen. And please note the glorious (temporary) reprieve of my support hose. They were sent back because of a manufacturers flaw. Not so good for the veins, but simply divine during this flip flop weather!