Sunday, March 24, 2013

week 36 - hockey pad

Week 36, and this is me being super patriotic and Canadian by using hockey equipment. Our tiny fetus child is between 18 and 19 inches long- about the length of a hockey pad. I paid like 70 bucks for those suckers, and I'm really not even positive I'm wearing them on the right part of my body (haha). Let me remind you that I was very clear about the return policy before purchasing. I grew up down the street from one of the managers, and had like a 25-minute conversation with him before throwing my money at his store. I think I'm good. But, if I miss the 60-day return deadline, you can trust that I will be kicking my own butt up and down the street.

1. WEEK 36??!!!!? Let's do the math shall we? One month = 4 weeks (approximately). 36 divided by 4 = 9.  NINE MONTHS PREGNANT. And less than a month to go until we get to meet this tiny fetus child and FIND OUT THE GENDER! For the record, we'd be 100% thrilled with a male OR a female... just not a combination thereof. Let's review the benefits of each shall we?

- He'll be super close to Fraser in age, so they'll be buds (hopefully).
- We've got the stuff (easy peasy lemon squeezey).
- Lowell's genetic eye disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa) would theoretically be wiped out as it's apparently carried through Lowell's X-Chromosome, so if we have a boy it will NOT be passed on (this, friends, is a HUGE GIGANTIC pro to having another son).
-Let's be honest. I love Fraser to bits and would be just tickled with another Fraselnut.

- I've always wanted a girl (how much fun to dress her and do her hair!!!).
- Carlynne is having a girl (and seriously... how cool would it be if twin girls had baby girls 7 weeks apart?!).
- I may have been purchasing girlie items since grade 8 because they were just too dang cute to pass up.
- We have a solid name ready to go.

2. Over the past couple of weeks, we've done a couple little maternity shoots. Yes, it's THAT time of the pregnancy, folks. When I was pregnant with Fraser, I explained why I share so darn many maternity shots... allow me to remind you. I have always loooooved pregnant bellies and I LOVE when women post belly pictures. My total over-share of belly pictures is my way of giving back to the baby belly community. Also, we had so many pictures of me pregnant with Fraser that it would be plumb unfair if I didn't have a bunch from this pregnancy as well.

We had a wee shoot with Decoro which you will see soon, and we also did our own super quick informal shoot in Lethbridge's river valley in -15 degrees Celsius. Yes, we're committed. These are some by Lowell and our tripod...

I've really thrown back the Starbucks this pregnancy (and also the kiwi fruit chocolate bars, chocolate haystack cookies, and cranberry ice mmmm)...

We're totally awesome parents. Perhaps the overly distracting background diverts attention from Fraser's misery? No? Oops...

Hey y'all- I'm tooootally pregnant! Oh wait... old news...

Oh ya. This is what zero muscle tone looks like (I'm flexing as hard as I possibly can and there is no definition to speak of)...

Oh pardon me, I almost forgot to give credit to Fraser. He was obviously vital in the operation department of the camera/tripod situation..

I can hardly wait to show you some of Decoro's shots. Even though Fraser was being the least cooperative ever, there are still some wicked gems with him!

3. People often ask how I'm feeling (which is very nice by the way, and I thank you)... and I don't really know what to say. Overall I feel O.K, but it changes frequently- daily in fact. I have a lot of those dang third trimester symptoms (reflux, trouble sleeping, round ligament pain, hip/back discomfort, vein silliness, pelvic stuff, hugeness etc), but the degree to which they effect me changes constantly. I feel that overall- compared to how I remember my Fraser pregnancy- I'm in LESS physical pain, but experiencing more mental and physical fatigue. Make sense?

4. This past week was Lowell's last INSANELY busy week for, well, hopefully forEVER. Just before he started his full time position as a Psychologist in November, he began private contract work (also as a psychologist). Add to that all the church and community committees he's a part of, and Fraser and I barely saw him. He loved his private work- and he eventually hopes to continue to an extent- but for now he has completed his contract and that makes for one hip hop happy wife (and Fraser!)! I'm the type of wife that likes her hubby to be around 24/7, so the past several months would have been challenging enough without the presence of a child and fetus, but add wee Frasel and this pregnancy, and it was also pretty exhausting. Lowell has been exhausted too, so it's so nice that we can now have a few more quiet Daddy/Mommy/Fraser evenings at home before a whole different type of exhaustion takes over our lives (HELLO LIFE WITH A NEWBORN!).

5. This is your LAST WEEK to enter Baby Prediction Contest 2.0! $50 (for wherever the heck you want) up for grabs, so better hurry and predict away before the April 1st deadline!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

week 35 - diadora top spin racquet

Week 35, and this tiny fetus child is about the length of a Diadora Top Spin racquet- just over 18 inches. Don't feel dumb... I bought one and I STILL don't know what it is.

1. It's St. Patty's Day! And I may have gone a tad overboard with the props this time around...

I love this picture of Fraser & Nico. It LOOKS super Sears-y and posed, but it was least posed. All them, baby. Future models (well, SEARS models) in the making...

My attempt at being creative for St. Patrick's Day was clover leaf-shaped pancakes on a green plate. And by pancakeS, I mean pancake (singular), as I only made the one hehe...

2. You know you're large when...

  1. Kids either flock to you and embrace your stomach while asking tons of questions about the baby OR run a very wide circle around you while shooting a look of extreme concern at their parents.
  2. Adults politely say, "You look, uh, uncomfortable."
  3. People adamantly suggest that you're carrying twins, and respond with "Are you sure?" when you insist that you're not.
  4. It takes 10 minutes to put undies on.
  5. When walking through crowded places, you note the exact moment one's peripheral vision catches a glimpse of your swollen midsection as their gaze dramatically drops to your protruding belly- and it happens over and over and over.... and over again.

(Not complaining about any of these things by the way. I find them very amusing... at least on a temporary basis. I wish I had a video recorder on my belly to catch all the reactions. This must be what women with giant boobs feel like).

3. Remember Fraser's toot trick (responding by making a farting sound with his mouth when asked "What does a toot say?" and "Bum!" when asked where a toot comes from)? Well, he's only been doing it for us. He will not do it for others when we attempt to show off his brilliance. He gives us this look like, 'please Mom, that is soooo inappropriate.' Is it sad that our one-year old has a better social filter than us?

4. This baby within me continues to be extremely active- aggressively so. I'm convinced that he/she alternates between using the cyst and my bladder as punching bags.

5. Fraser seems to be obsessed with things that start with the letter B. His favourite things are bowls, buckets, balls, balloons, bunny, buttons, bear, bath, bubbles... perhaps he likes them because he's so good at the /b/ sound. Or possibly because he's a kid and all kids love those things and I'm just not mentioning the other things he loves that DON'T start with /b/.

(He's also in dire need of a belt apparently... HEY! Another B word!)

6. My parents are extremely proficient emoticon texters. They tell entire stories using only emoticons, and it's enviable how well they know their way through the emoticon dictionary. It takes them like 15 minutes to put together a four-word text, but they can assemble a long string of meaningful emoticons in seconds. Inspirational!

7. Three years ago today, the G family reproduced for the first time... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY! I can't believe that lovable ball of energy is THREE already. And come June, there will be FIVE G grandkiddies. Yep, it took us a long time to get started, but once we start... THERE'S NO STOPPING US!!

(Both pictures stolen from Marc & Kylie)

8. A couple weeks ago, we headed to the farm to take puppy pictures. We finally sifted through them, and yes indeed... there are some gems! I think there are a few pups left for grabs (ready to go in a couple of weeks), so if you're interested, head over to and have a look-see.

Awwww... makes me miss Kumeu's puppy stage. But then I remember that Kumeu is house/potty trained, and then I'm okay again.

9. Two weeks until Baby Prediction Contest 2.0 CLOSES. Remember? $50 up for grabs? Better go vote. Like, now.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

week 34 - baseball socks

Week 34 and this fetus child is nearly 18 inches long- about the length of a pair of baseball socks (from the ankle up, and specifically meant for men with size 9-12 feet). Totally legit.
For the past several weeks, I have blindly ambled into the garage with a measuring tape, crossing my fingers that I'll find something- ANYTHING- that's remotely sporty and close to the current fetal length. I've been sort of grasping at straws, and this week I FINALLY caved and took a trip to Sport Chek. Trust me, I looked really cool with measuring tape in hand assessing the size of various sporting equipment. I scored some items for the next couple of weeks, and don't worry- I was really clear on the return policy. I don't anticipate requiring a pair of red men's baseball socks any time soon.

1. I am LARGE. And totally in charge. When I was 40 weeks pregnant with Fraser, my belly was 43 inches around. I'm now 34 weeks preggs, and I'm ONE INCH off at 42 inches. This has me somewhat terrified (and yes, I blame the cyst).

I'm at that stage where I realize how much I normally take for granted the simple things in life. Things like putting on pants. And shoes. The signs I ABSOLUTELY DREAD to see in public are those to the effect of "please remove shoes". Yes, I suppose I can... but between this belly, my hips, and Fraser, I may not be getting them back on. Fortunately, there are few signs requesting that I remove my pants.

2. Fraser has upgraded his "Noooo" to "nooway." He's so serious, but we can't help but burst into laughter. It's just darling.

3. Last weekend we headed to the farm to visit Grandma & Grandpa T and take PUPPY PICTURES (there are 16 of Kumeu's siblings for sale, y'all)! We love puppies, and we love taking pictures... so it only makes sense that we love taking puppy pictures. Unfortunately I wasn't really on my game (as I had developed a nasty head cold), so poor Lowell had to deal with inpatient Julie barking commands like "it's good enough- photo shop it later"; "NEXT" etc etc. We still got great shots, and here's a tiny glimpse of the cuteness (although there are likely even cuter ones but I have not yet looked through all of them)...

Goin in for a kiss...

Adorable chaos...

4. February Project 365 photos. And GO...

Prepping for our big cooking day with cookbooks (and lattes!) strewn about.

My final solo preggo-and-fraser-in-back-pack trip to the steep/hilly dog run!

Lowell was really proud of his Lego creations.

Fraser loooves buckets... "Buttet? Buttet! Buttet!"

On this particular morning, Fraser requested milk and water, then sauntered over  to his little table/chair set, gently placed both cups on the table, sat down, looked at me (while I was attempting to inconspicuously take a picture),
flashed his pearly whites and - unprompted - said "CHEESE!"

This is how we read books.

Fraser and Daddy looking at family pictures.

I looked after these three together, and they all slept during the same 2-3 hours.
Fraser + Liam + Nico = the Dream Team!

1,2,3 kiss from Nana & Papa!

Birthday walk with Shareen!

Pants optional play dates are our favourite kind of play dates!

No one tells ME I can't rock girlie cups!

"Mommy, I think I need another hair cut."

Our 10th Dateversary at the Red Dress Gala (at which I was the only woman not in a red dress)!

Fraser has become very fond of clipping things together... and incredibly proficient!

Obviously thrilled about visiting Uncle Ryan & Auntie Julie Anne (25 weeks pregnant) in Orion.

First bath with BUBBLES!

Drowning our sorrows in caramel macchiatos when we found out that we would NOT
be seeing Celine Dion as anticipated. Boo hoo.

Bye bye kisses for Daddy!

It's a race!

Holding our luggage hostage just before leaving for Vegas.

VEGAS BABY! And this is as close as we got to Celine.

Fountain dance at the Bellagio.

Preggas in Vegas! Carlynne at 25 weeks, giant Julie only 7 weeks ahead at 32 weeks.

Clothes basket rides with Uncle G-Reim!
WherEVER did he learn THAT???!!!!?!

If this is how easy/fun it is to have two kids, I can totally hack it.

Cool dude on the trike.

5. GO VOTE ALREADY! There IS a deadline, you know, and it's April 1st. So hop to it! Baby Prediction Contest 2.0.