Monday, April 30, 2007


Kendra and Brad got married on April 14th, and that meant two things:

1. A lifetime of happiness for the two lovebirds, and….

Lyndsay and Christie went together from Edmonton, and Ann-Marie (aka AMS) and I drove together from Lethbridge.

Christie & Lynds

Ann-Marie and I’s trip was uber eventful. It should be noted that there is diddly SQUAT between Medicine Hat and Swift Current, so we may or may not have gone to the bathroom on the side of the road/ behind an abandoned ice cream shop… twice. That astronaut lady was onto something when she traveled with diapers. We seriously considered picking some up for the way home.

Anyhoo, after getting lost a couple of times in Regina, AMS and I finally met up with Christie and Lyndsay, and what a happy reunion it was. We stayed up for a few hours just being girls (i.e. chatting and giggling and just being dorks in general).

Then Saturday came and it was time for KENNY TO GET MARRIED!

When we arrived at the church, we just had to take our picture with this sign.

L to R: AMS, me, Christie, Julie W

Then as we were walking back into the church we had our first sighting of BRAD (the handsome groom). We ran to him and forced him to take pictures with us. I’m pretty sure he was freaked right out, but our excitement could not be contained. Sorry Bradley.

At the guestbook table, there was a picture of Brad and Kendra, so AMS and I got our first picture with them on their wedding day. Yeay us!

And the time for the wedding came. We all had knots in our stomachs as we were waiting for Kendra to walk down the aisle. I swear I was more nervous than she was. As she finally made her way down the aisle, we all had tears in our eyes (sappy I know). But it was so emotional. Kendra was getting married! Yeesh.

The beeeeautiful bride and her papa.

Kendra looked gorgeous, the ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was also lovely. Us girls performed a rap that AMS and I wrote on the way there. It was quite a hit if I do say so myself.

L to R: Lynds, Julie W, AMS, Christie, me

Then we continued to be the goofy giggly girls that we definitely proved to be that weekend.

Mmmmm... cupcakes.

Tirds forever (except Nancy's missing)!

Congratulations Brad & Kendra.
Can't wait to see you in July!!



This is along the subject of weddings, so I figure it's okay to post away. The first song is all moi, and the second is for Reuben and Tannias wedding. Emily will be singing with me for that.

Elizabeth said...

Yaayyy Congratulations to them. I adore that last picture!

Lowell & Julie said...

Ooooo, I should probably give credit where credit is due! Although I'd like to believe it was me who take the first and last pictures of the post, it was their photographer. Yes, he/she's good.

Lowell & Julie said...

take?!?! That should say "took". Some speech path I am...