Sunday, April 01, 2007

Surprise Shower!

Last night Carlynne and some good friends had a surprise bridal shower for me. It was so fun. The theme was ‘Friends’ since I love the TV show Friends so much, and I also love my actual friends to bits and pieces. I had to guess what the theme was after my sister gave me this:

I guessed it right away. It’s a trifle made with the good stuff PLUS beef sautéed with pees and onions. Any Friends fans out there probably know which episode this is from. It’s the one where Rachel was in charge of dessert for Thanksgiving dinner, and she accidentally made half a traditional English trifle, and half Shepherd’s pie. Ew.

One of the games was for me to correctly answer a bunch of questions about Lowell. For every question I got wrong, I had to eat some of the trifle, and let me tell you: it was gross. Even the smell was enough to make one gag. (Just for the record, I only got a handful of questions wrong and I was so close for each of them!)

Carlynne reading the questions

I may look happy to be eating this. But I'm not.

Christie had to smell the stuff for herself! *gag*

All the gifts were also Friends-themed. For example, Carlynne got me classy make-up from Holt Renfrew: something Rachel would buy.

Christie and Lyndsay gave me a picture of the Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe with our heads glued on their bodies (plus lingerie).

Avery and Tara got me kitchen things which were “Monica gifts” b/c she’s a chef and LOVES cooking and cleaning (as do I).

Shareen sent me tanning lotion (b/c of the episode where Ross got ridiculously tanned) and Friends DVDs (THANX SHAR!!! Last night we watched the one where Rachel made the trifle!)

Ashley got me a gift certificate for underwear wrapped in a grocery bag, and she used a recycled card. Classy. This would be typical of none other than…Joey! And Lisa got me some lingerie, lotion, and bath wash which would also be Rachel-like.

How creative was that? I loved every minute of it! Here are some pictures of the girls!

Lisa et moi (dreading eating that trifle no doubt)

Me, Ashley, Avery, and Tara

Christie, Lyndsay, and Carlynne

Thanx girls. You rock.


Shelley said...

Wouldn't it be cool if you got a pet monkey named Marcel as a gift?

Such a great theme for a bridal shower.

Jeff and Beth said...

Looks like you had fun and what a good idea. I liked the pictures and love the yellow socks you and Carlynne are wearing!

Susan said...

I love the trifle idea...haha...that was one of my favourite episodes ever. :)

Angella said...

What a great idea! Except for the trifle :)

Christie Nemeth said...

Yipeeeeeeee I was searching through my webmail and found your blog address...the shower was so fun!! Too bad I had to leave early, I wanted to hear the advice!!

Melinda said...

i just noticed this...
the beef would be sauteed with peas not pees.
good post though.
thumbs up.