Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kid Olympics!

During the height of the Rio Olympics, we hosted Kid Olympics! In summer 2012- when Fraser was 10 months old- I hosted the Baby Olympics. 2014 was the Toddler Olympics, so naturally... 2016 became KID Olympics. As fate would have it, my bro and his fam just happened to be in town, so we descended on my parents' place for our first full blown Kid Olympics!

Prepping Kid Olympics for five boys ages two through six was very dollar store intensive. Thank heavens for cheap dollar store crap.

The boys warmed up by decorating the flag portion of their jerseys prepped by Auntie Shareen, securing their patriotic headbands, and flexing their muscles.


Game face.
Discus (*ahem*, frisbee, *cough*)!
This balance beam activity entertained them for all of three seconds. Next time that sucker is going to be like six feet off the ground!
Random toss-ball-in-laundry-basket activity with a super necessary demo from moi (because it's SUCH a complicated concept).
So enthralled.
The 'yard' dash!

Long jump with a demo. And I'm not one to brag... but I set the bar high!

Taking the opportunity to plank.
Mandatory freezie/popsicle break!
High jump!

Limbo! My personal forte.

Free-stylin it.
Ribbon dance.... every Olympics needs an event with an artistic component.
I like to think that I'm an inspiration for all beautifully artistic expression.

Taking notes from Auntie Kylie!
Uncle Marc is a natural!
Levi clearly takes after his parents in the graceful ribbon dancing department.
Ready, annnnnnnd...

Not challenging enough... better add an artistic component.
Who says you need pants to be a successful (and graceful) Olympian?
If only 'Being Cute' was an Olympic event...
The medal ceremony and the singing of our national anthem...

Some are more into the singing of the national anthem than others.
All gold medals. The key to preventing/limiting meltdowns... EVERYONE WINS.

Post-medal shenanigans.

Congratulations to all competitors of the KinderOlympiad... see y'all in 2018 for some winter Kid Olympic action!