Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day... (and yet another themed photo attempt).

Lowell is a hard working, loving, patient, committed, generous, easy going, deep-thinking, honest, inspirational, handsome, fun/punny, wise man of integrity... and our lucky kids get to call him daddy! They not only witness his determination to accomplish regular every day tasks with a visual impairment, but they get to witness his dedication to fitness, triathlons, and not letting his disability limit him. Seriously... couldn't ask for a better role model for our boys.

Shockingly, I did a little Father's Day shoot with the kids.

As has become my expectation, it did not start out so well.

Here's a little behind the scenes shot during calm down, take a breather, and play time...

Bribery in the form of candy necklaces was offered, and cooperation magically occurred!

This whole photo bribery thing is getting a little out of hand. It used to be a single tic tac... now we're at full candy necklaces. I swear, soon I'll be like, "I'LL BUY YOU A STINKIN CAR! Just please pleeeeeeeze POSE FOR THIS DARN PHOTO!"

Kumeu got in on the action as well. Again, the use of bribery was essential.

I was just going to post the posed photo, then I spotted this recent candid series of Lowell with the boys, and I much prefer it. And not just because it doesn't involve unnaturally/disproportionately/freakishly large flowers.

For REAL!!!!
I also spotted this one.

And these ones.

I mean, COME ON. How awesome is this dad?!

The boys and I made a fun Father's Day hand print shirt for Lowell, and when I was casually snapping shots of it  (and them) at the dog run, the sky began doing super cool things, and my subjects were pure perfection.

For this man- as well as my own amazing Dad and Dad in law- I am EXTRAORDINARILY thankful. Happy Father's Day to the wonderful fatherly men in our lives!