Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun with the G family

Us G's tend to be a bit of a rowdy bunch. Shareen & Craig, Carlynne, and I are all home right now, so we went out for lunch with our parents to a quaint, albeit packed, cafe. Following our lunch, I spontaneously felt the need to challenge Carlynne to an arm wrestle. This girl may be small, but she's freakishly strong. Here's our first match:

Carlynne won, so Mom stepped up to the plate to challenge the winner:

Carlynne won again, so Shareen was up next:

.....Carlynne won again. I suddenly felt a surge of power at this point and demanded a rematch. Who won this time??
ME!!! (And I don't think Carlynne's fatiguing arm had anything to do with that...)

Last night we had an even more rowdy family gathering (with Megan!). We played our family's classic favourite game: Guesstures!

The best part of this game is playing with my Dad. he goes NUTS! This is him acting with one of his less intense game faces on:

And just for the record. My *ahem* team won.


Shelley said...

Carlynne must have some super strong biceps under those sleeves.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a great family time!

Brent and Kirstin said...

Hey that's the cafe recommended in the previous Lethbridge post, isn't it? Ü Hurray for family games!