Friday, August 08, 2014

The end of an era!

1974: Dad graduated from medical school. The hottie of the med program to be sure.

I'll just go right ahead and say it... MAN I have good genes!
1975:  Began practising medicine in Nigeria...

June 27, 1976: Survived a horrific motorcycle crash then returned to Canada to complete his recovery...

This is wheel-chaired Daddio with my super awesome Grandma G aiding his recovery.

January 1977: Finished up another year or so in Nigeria, then headed home with baby Marc in Mom's tummy...

Mom: "I had about two maternity outfits... and this was one of them." haha.
This was the other one. FYI.

June 27, 1978 (two years to the day after the motor bike accident), Marc James was born!

Shortly after Marc's arrival, the tiny G family moved to Lethbridge where my Dad began his Family Practise.

August 8, 2014: Dad is retiring his practise after 36 years with his clinic. And still looking mighty handsome if I do say so myself...

Dad with adoring grandson Fraser. When asked what he wants to do when he grows up, Fraser replies "work at the hospital with Papa and the doctors." When asked what he will do with the doctors, he clarifies, "I will play toys with the doctors." Well then. That's enough to make any mama proud!
Off for his last day of work!
Over the years, I have been approached countless times by my Dad's patients, his patients' families, and even his colleagues... and it's unanimous, folks. My Dad has been a wise, compassionate, patient-centred, go-the-extra-mile kind of doctor over the past 40 years. He even went beyond the call of duty and secured a successor doctor for his patients (a local super capable doc that I grew up/graduated with... Samuel D for you curious minds). It has been an emotional process for Dad as he bids farewell to the patients he has bonded with for decades, and also looks forward to the golden years with his woman (aka my mama). If you ask him, however, he's not retiring. He's "moving to part time" as he intends to continue on with long term care patients as well as cover a locum here and there.

Dad worked hard to build a successful practise, but managed to maintain a healthy work/family balance. Despite being crazy busy, he was a very present dad. He was always home for supper (then frequently returned to the office to finish up after us kiddies were tucked into bed). He helped around the house/yard (doing dishes has always been his forte), took us on dates, attended our sporting/extracurricular events, was always eager to toss balls around or go for a bike ride, planned family holidays, took a zillion pictures and made us each several photo albums, and just took time to be with us. My mom has been an amazing partner for my Dad throughout the years- staying home and providing a wonderful home life for us kids while supporting Dad in his career. I love, respect and admire these two so much individually and also as the most amazing team ever. You guys have done us proud!

Enjoy this big step towards retirement, Dad. You deserve it, Mom is PUMPED, and I know of a few little hooligans who can hardly wait to see more of Papa!

Photo cred: Rachel Joyce Photography