Thursday, March 29, 2007

Calling all Lethbridge-ites!

If you are from Lethbridge or have been there, I'm talking to you.

Think Lethbridge. Think summer.

What would you recommend doing in Lethy during the summer months? I need a things-to-do-for-fun-in/around-Lethbridge-during-the-summer list.

I know I know, I've lived there for 22 out of my 24 years, but I want your opinion.

May this famous Lethbridge Bridge inspire you.


Lowell Taylor said...

Wow, so I didn't expect there to be NO responses. Is Lethbridge that boring?

What about fun things to do on a Lethbridge afternoon when you have nothing else to do.

Places to see, things to do, and food to eat.

Naybe there is nothing.... *shrug*
- Lowell

Janice Vandyk said...

im telling you there is not a whole lot to do! There is a new bistro called Round Street Cafe, very good blueberry pie and caramel lattes. i guess you could always go to henderson and go swimming or rollerblading, or do a picnic. You could do a bit of a drive and go to Stafford Lake or Park Lake (all though not amazing, you can canoe and swim if you dare.) Thats about the extent of things to do - Oh if you want a day at the farm - you can go to my parents dairy farm ;) that would be different, you can play farmer for a day.

Katherine said...

I don't live in Lethbridge anymore but there are things I will definitely miss about it this summer.
My favourite Lethbridge summer activity is mountain biking. The coulees are amazing and so close for a great trail ride. Even if you don't like going down crazy steep stuff there's lots of really great trails. Something I know I didn't take advantage of enough was the badlands. We'd often take trips to the mountains, but the badlands are the coolest and only a short drive away. Hope that helps Julie.

Brent and Kirstin said...

Hey--I've only been to Lethbridge twice and I too recommend the Round Street Cafe. Owned by a lady and her husband a U of L history prof. Good soup, good tea.

Susan said...

Ooo...walk across the train bridge. Yes, it's illegal, and you could be fined, but that's where Darcen and I's first date was. Sitting with a Tim Horton's on the was great.

And I love the restaurant the "Lighthouse." Amazing sushi in my books.

Rollerblading the "green" strip on the West side is fun.

Caramel Macchiato at the "Ugly Mug" on the west side...I love it even more than Starbucks.

Really, I could go on and on. I still think Lethbridge is a wonderful place to live and I have great memories from living there for five years. Even though Edmonton is becoming a new favourite place to be. :)

Susan said...

Oh and p.s. I like Roundstreet too. :)

Courtney said...


You don't really know me at all, but I am a blog snoop. I came across your blog from Becky Fletcher's blog. But about summer things.. I always used to spend my summer days at Henderson Lake Pool. That was always alot of fun.

Oh, and I wanted to comment back when you posted that pic with you and Ethan Moreau. He was always my 2nd favorite Oiler, but since Smitty is gone, He is #1.

marcandorkylie said...

Hey Julie where is my make out under the bridge comment? That is the BEST thing to do in Lethbridge. Also Courtney,d Julie is no stranger to the Henderson Pool, in fact if you used to spend many summer days there I am sure that you swam in minute concentrations of Julie's urine. ;) Kylie

Alexandria said...

Street Machine Weekend! So fun, its in July. But this only appeals to people who like cars.

Anonymous said...

One word: Esquires

Okay, so Lethbridge warrants a few more words. Rollerblading in Indian Battle Park is always great (less windy), Frisbee Golf at Nicholas Sheran Park, Ultimate Frisbee wherever you can (Rutgers field by the Wilkie house was always a personal favorite)... I guess that's all I have, but let me tell you that going for walks on a summer evening or rollerblading anywhere was better in Lethbridge than it is in Edmonton. I miss those things *sniff*