Thursday, May 03, 2007

Paper, paper, & more paper

In preparation for wedding invitation making, I went to a scrapbook store to pick up 12X12 cardstock. I bought 3 packages of 50. The total came to…. $97. What the heck?! It sure is expensive to demolish trees.

Thinking this was my only option, I got them anyway, then trucked down on to Staples to get 2 invitations copied on each sheet. One problemo: they don’t use other people’s paper- and 12X12 sheets don’t fit in their machines. Well crap. So, they used their own cardstock, did all my printing and copying (all on some giant cardstock). The total cost for all the copying and 200 pages of huge cardstock was a whopping… $20.67. “Pardon me? Do you mean $267.00??” Nope, it cost 20 bucks TOTAL.

To top it all off, the cardstock was so huge that I have a ton of leftover white cardstock for all my scrapbook and card-making endeavors. Genius.

Oh, and I returned the other cardstock. Normally you can’t return such things, but I made a good case for myself. Rock on Staples. Rock on.

Invitation Making Part 1:

Yolanda, Aaron, and Megan were my little helpers. Can you tell what we're watching on TV?

Invitation Making Parts 2, 3, 4, & 5 not pictured. :)


~allison d.~ said...

Looks like fun! When do you guys get married?

And another geeky blog on earth did you manage to alter your title bar and put your little ring thingy in the upper left corner there? I am so impressed... I'm ashamed that I care about things like this. ;)

Duane said...

Question for the invitation making...Did Aaron and Megan happen to make theirs at the same time?!? If not, it would have been genius and allowed for a little variety in the job as well (doing two parts instead of one!).

Happy wedding planning!


Susan said...

Darc and I used Staples for our invitations too...we were huge fans. :) Good luck with all the invitation making!!

Elizabeth said...

I have to love good deals like that. Yaayyy service and work is cheaper than product!