Sunday, September 04, 2011

week 38 - a leek and a whole lot of ME!

*whistle* that's a long baby! Hazelnut is supposedly about 7 lbs and ~19.5 inches long. However, my doctor guestimated at the BEGINNING of the week that Hazelnut was already around the 7.5lb mark. Also, this was what she said to the resident while checking me over: “People have been bugging Julie about how big she is, and I always brush it off. But I have to admit… she IS pretty huge.” So there you have it, folks. It’s been confirmed… I’m huge. :)

1. I’ve been loving these last weeks. I’m relatively comfortable (again, thank you Lowell’s massages), I’m being productive up the wazoo, and I have so many fun, random conversations with complete strangers. People are very bold around pregnant women, and I love it (unless they still think I’m pregnant AFTER the baby is born in which case I won’t love it quite so much).

2. We got more maternity shots! We feel sort of like giant cheeseballs that we had TWO maternity sessions, but let me explain! We booked with Jen at La Di Da Lane Photography at week 33 because let’s not kid ourselves… she’s amazing. We brought some props and had sooo much fun with her. Then at week 37, we were meeting with our good friends Kevan & Leah and their adorable daughter Peta. Kev just happens to be of [6:8] Photography fame, so we took some week 37 (i.e., even huger than week 33 if anyone thought that was possible) shots. Kev is TAL.EN.TED! Man is it ever handy having gifted friends!

Now for some faves from our week 33 shoot with La Di Da Lane Photography

I. Am. Canadian.

Side note: I am totally on board with Lowell’s bulging muscles. I just don’t think I’ll ever tire of them! I was telling my hairdresser about them (lucky for Lowell he wasn’t there, otherwise I would’ve been SHOWING her, and it tends to embarrass him when I do that), and she said “oh that must be sexy for you!” Yes, yes it is. Pure muscles walking!*

Aaaaand back to the pictures...

Belly henna!

I spoon Nutella.

And now for some [6:8] Photography faves from week 37…

Background story for the next shot. When we discussed doing some maternity shots during our hang out time, Kev said he specialized in wedding photography (as opposed to maternity) and who knows… he might just do something cliché like use blocks. This comment inspired Lowell and me, and with a little help from Chris & Lisa’s baby blocks, this shot was born…

Still spooning Nutella at week 37 (while documenting how gracefully I can eat off my belly)…

The following little family shots book-end the pregnancy. Self-timer took the first one on the day we found out we were pregnant (January 15, 2011), and Kevan took the second one during this- the final weeks of the pregnancy (note how Lowell shrank and I expanded... faces and all)!

Oh, and another perk from our hang time with the W's was that Kev taught Lowell a few tricks on our camera. When we caught a glimpse of the sunset in the rearview mirror on our way home that evening, Lowell insisted that we pull over so he could practise his mad new skills.

3. I have been doing a SWACKload of baking to freeze so that when y’all come to visit Hazelnut, you’ll have something to snack on (hint hint)!

4. Convo with the momsicle…
Mom: You know where else you’ve gained weight?
Me: Where Mom?
Mom: You’re butt…. and it looks great. I hope it never goes away! It looks like Carlynne’s bum! (editor’s note: you must understand that Carlynne is famous for her enviable derriere so this comment was in no way a slight…and in fact was quite a compliment!)*

5. We’re hoping to record the entire labour and birth and make a video to share with you all… JUUUUUUST KIDDING! No thank you (*barf*).

6. We had a make-up prenatal class because we missed one early on. I do NOT recommend making a class up so close to due date because it was all TOO real… and therefore somewhat terrifying.

7. I’ve gained a steady 2lbs/wk over the last few weeks. WATER RETENTION (at least some of it...I swear). I can FEEL the water sloshing in my feet, and these wedding rings? Ya, they’re not coming off any time soon.

8. I can not express how GRATEFUL I am that the excruciating hip pain from weeks 31 & 32 has largely subsided. I had been reduced to tears on several occasions, and couldn't even turn in bed without being stabbed with mind-numbing pain. I assumed I’d be stuck with the intense discomfort for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I've never been so thankful to be so wrong in my life!

9. My stomach is soooooo itchy (despite lathering on the oil). Makes sense given the ridiculous amount of stretching it’s doing, but still…

10. We FINALLY removed the guest bed and set up the crib in the used-to-be-guest-room-soon-to-be-baby-room (you'll understand what took us so long later). Kumeu made himself right comfortable on the stack of bedding while we worked away. The room has a way to go, but don’t you worry. It’ll at least be done sometime this month (cuz CARLYNNE’S COMING!!!), and you’ll be the first to see the finished product!

11. We bought milk AND sour cream that expire ON MY DUE DATE. Now if THAT doesn’t make things seems extremely real and CLOSE then I don’t know what does!

12. Oh my word. Two more weeks. But it could be any day now. Stay in there Hazelnut! Hold on! There's so much more this mama wants to get DONE (plus I've been looking forward to the last two fruits/veggies since day one)!

PS- you better submit your guess if you haven't already. WHO would turn down $50 in rockin awesome gift cards??!!

* apologies to Lowell and/or Carlynne for potentially embarrassing them. :)


Shelley said...

shelley's thoughts

1) 7lbs already?? hmm...maybe the baby SHOULD come early so it doesn't grow anymore.

2) I LOVE the preggo shots! Of course the vegetable ones are still my fav.

3) I wonder if I can convince Erik to do the P90X thing. Probably not, but worth a shot.

Joni Dietrich said...

There's gotta be a watermelon involved in one of those last two photos, yes? SO excited for you!!

Sneep Family said...

So excited & can't believe you only have 2 weeks left!!!!! Crazy!!!! Have fun!!!!

Jen said...

Your weekly updates are seriously the BEST pregnancy updates out there! :)
And your maternity pics are outrageously beautiful!!!
LOVE the nutella shots! (and funny story, you actually inspired me to go buy some since I've never had it before ;)

Carlynne said...

I am potentially emnrassed. And a little bit leary of your 10000 hits per month. You will make it up to me by letting me eat some of that freezer baking.