Tuesday, September 20, 2011

week 40 day 2 - my husband is a brilliant man.

STILL NO BABY! And do you like how the baby countdown is now counting UP?

I have a confession to make. The reason I was SO adamant about not having this child before September 10th (other than the strong urge to pose with a giant pumpkin) was that Lowell was scheduled to write the EPPP (an exam he’s required to complete in order to become a registered psychologist) on September 9th. We had to travel to Calgary for this exam, and we did not want even a HINT of labour before we returned safely to Lethbridge. We told very few people about this exam as it has a ridiculously high failure rate. Lowell didn't want the added pressure nor did he want to share with tons of people that he failed. However, I think the rest of us had more confidence in him than he did, and rightly so. He found out yesterday that he PASSED!!! HE PASSED THE EPPP ON HIS FIRST TRY!!!!!! I can’t even describe to you how AMAZING this is!! Completing the EPPP is the biggest hurdle towards becoming a registered psychologist, and he has it done and out of the way before Hazelnut’s arrival! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!! This is a HUGE accomplishment, and I am so so so very BEYOND proud!

NOW Hazelnut is MORE than welcome to make his earthly appearance, and we’ve been following the loooooong list of ways to naturally induce childbirth to help him along. Old wives tales or not, allow me to enlighten you on the strategies attempted since Sunday (and thus far)...

1. Drinking raspberry leaf tea
2. Walking

3. Sex
4. Bouncing on an exercise ball
5. Eating spicy (Indian!) food
6. Massaging pressure points

Pineapple's next up... any other tried, tested and true suggestions?!

Thing I will avoid trying at all costs:
1. Castor oil (yech)

And now to end off with a little treatski. I caught the tiniest little clips of Hazelnut kicking around on his due date (he usually never cooperates when I pull out the camera!). The soundtrack is his heartbeat at week 38. Enjoy our little nut!


Michelle Leafloor said...

Yes, DO NOT attempt castor oil! Soo gross and now anything remotely oily or has that consistancy makes me gag! Good ol' taste aversion!

Sneep Family said...

No more Indian....do Chinese....it gets the bowels working and that induces labor :) No castor oil...nobody needs the runs while pushing a baby out or nobody needs the runs while NOT pushing a baby out:) Cool kicks!!!! Hope baby arrives soon!!!!


JulieAnne said...

Aww, I love the little video! Yay for Lowell!! He is a brilliant guy. Lil pip squeak will come when it's ready I guess, I'm kinda shocked it's still in there. Haha. I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe nobody commented on method #3. I've heard it's the most effective!


Anonymous said...

Oh - and of course huge congratulations to Lowell! That is an amazing accomplishment and definitely something to be proud of! Good for him!


Carol said...

Congratulations to Lowell! And good call about avoiding the castor oil - I speak with experience that it is not fun to be in labour or push out a baby with affects of castor oil still in your system!

Shelley said...

CONGRATS LOWELL!!! awesome news!
And i love the little video. I can't believe how active little hazelnut was in his 'performance'. Now he just needs to make the grand finale!

Shelley said...

Oh and i've heard that SSSSEEEXXXXX is the best way to induce labour. I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever commented before...but in honour of Pumpkin Day, I thought you might like to try this recipe to pass the time until that little turkey makes an appearance. I made them today...easy, and de-lish.



Joni Dietrich said...

bahaha! love the #3 fine print ;)