Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm so PUMPED that I made it to the watermelon stage! WOOHOO!! Hazelnut is probably somewhere in the neighbourhood of 8lbs now (according to our doctor's estimation), and about 20 inches long. His brain is still developing (what a smartie he shall be!), he's flexing his limbs, and his nails might extend past his fingertips!

And now for what may or may not be the last LISTY-LOO..

1. This baking spree of mine has been glorious for the tastebuds but detrimental to the waist lines. Cookies for supper and cherry pie (homemade from our own cherry tree cherries) for dessert. No joke… that was Wednesday’s menu at the T home!

2. We’re fairly intelligent people and we know it’s highly unlikely (read: impossible), but we’re really hoping that Hazelnut get’s Kumeu’s eyes. How can you look at these eyes and NOT melt a little bit inside?!

Also, I’ve been thinking… we love Kumeu SO MUCH. I can’t even IMAGINE how much we’re going to love our child.... our very own flesh and blood!

3. Lowell has been on a broccoli kick lately, and let me tell you. Broccoli burps are horrid. And don’t even get me STARTED on broccoli toots…

4. I love that we’ve had amazing basement dwellers (renters). The problem is that our cool room (i.e., storage room) is in the shared area, and I feel obligated to put pants on whenever I need to fetch supplies. As we all know, I do NOT love pants. *sigh*

5. It’s common knowledge that my least favourite- and in fact most dreaded—domestic activity is cleaning muffin tins. During my recent baking spree I actually started using those little paper muffin cups. Why did I not hop aboard THAT train several years ago??!!

6. Long story short, we went to the hospital for a non-stress test this week. Don’t I look stressed though?

Actually, it was kind of stressful, but all is well with me AND baby, and the nurse even said we have a "very happy baby". Yeay, a happy baby!

Before we went in, Lowell and I were discussing bleeding and placenta tearing with a doctor friend, and Lowell ended up leaning against the wall, colour drained from his face with glazed-over eyes. I’m 85% sure that Lowell will faint at some point during the birth. Good thing Mom and/or Carlynne will be there!

7. Mom and I canned 66lbs of peaches!

I'm soooo lucky that my mama is my canning buddy. I dare say one could not have a better canning buddy than that!

8. Have I mentioned that both of my shins are carpets of red speckles (popped blood vessels)? Add that to the veins and water retention… hawt. Also, things have definitely been loosening up more down there. I'm not sure that the upper, inner thigh/groin area spasms can be attributed to that or some sort of pinched nerve, but the hip discomfort has returned. It's actually a good thing though because this narrow-hipped woman is going to need all the help possible to get a KID through there!

9. 44 lbs up in total. Yeay me. And I measure 42 inches around!

10. Over the last few weeks, Kumeu has turned a corner fetching-wise! He’s always been a great little fetcher INDOORS, but when outside, it would turn into a game and he’d run around with the ball/stick in his mouth just EGGING us on. I think it’s finally clicked that if he brings the ball back to us, we’ll throw it again and again and again, and he’ll get to go for little sprints/swims again and again and again...

He's such a fun puppy child!


12. STATS on the contest that you really should hurry up and enter:
45.5% girl - girls really making their move this past week!
54.5% boy
most common guess is the 20th.

Loving the guesses and the creative questions. Our families have some particularly amusing name suggestions. Marc suggested 'Greiselda', Carlynne guessed "Miralda", and nieces Emily & Katelyn predicted "Flower" and "Mermaid". There have also been some really legit suggestions that weren't on our list but we're seriously considering for baby number 2!
If you haven't voted yet, you are running out of time! Do it now...


Annalise said...

You look so good Julie! I'm so excited for you guys! Pregnancy really takes its toll on the body, but I'm sure you'll be back to normal really fast.

marcandorkylie said...

i am happy you finally brought out the watermelon... it could have legitimately taken its turn in the blogsun anytime in the past 2 months.

those other names are nice and all, but only greiselda honours the babies patrilineal maternal bloodlines. on second thought, "marcie" works as well.


shareen said...

I think for your next child you should try to find 40 melons of various sizes.

I, however, have been trying to come up with a name that incorporates the 3 most important people: your siblings (sorry to Lowell's side). This is what I've come up with:

In doing this I realized that all three of your siblings have a "_ar" in their names. Innnteresting. I'm surprised you didn't pick up on that on the way to the bus stop.

Anonymous said...

heee I was 42 inches round too~! Nice work, cooking and canning and baking... inside that belly and out!

Carol said...

One of my favourite pictures yet - I have enjoyed your pregnancy photos and wish you the very best in the days ahead!

Joelle Epp said...

YEAH! A Watermelon!!!!

last summer when i was pregnant i would often go do "laundry" any chance i could just so i could touch the cold cement floor (we also have renters downstairs, so I was in the same shoes...or should i say support stockings! haha). it was glorious! i had never thought of a laundry room as a getaway before i was pregnant in the summertime.

I'm cheering you on for a baby this Saturday...your little buddy can share a birthday with my little buddy then! and i also must mention that i too hate cleaning muffin tins with a passion!

Bloggy Mama said...

paper muffin cups... my friend.... Silicone!! Then you have less waste.... though you do have to clean them....
That's a lot of dot-dot-dots. I have my labour-thoughts all sent your way. SO STOKED for you!!! Am I on a list of some kind? I truly hope I am lucky enough to be!
Also, I'm pretty sure I guessed the 10th. Darn. Sending love!!!

Janelle said...

Giving baking away also is great on the waistline. So I guess David had the girls post their baby predictions while I was out one day.

I don't even feel like I could come up with a girl name (after giving all three of our girls four names - what were we thinking) and the boy's name we were going to use (and now will never use as we are done) is not as fitting as Josiah means "son of David." So no prediction here, although, of course, I am hoping for a boy and think it would be cool to have their grandpa's names in there somewhere. Enjoy these last few quiet days.

Lowell & Julie said...

Annalise- I sure HOPE so!! :)

Marc- I actually DO really like the name Marcie, but we already have cousin Marcie! I guess we'll just have to go with Greiselda (it's kind of growing on me!)

Shareen- I AM the only non "ar" kid! I met a gal a few years ago who had a name that I thought combined Shareen, Carlynne & Kylie. It was perfect... but I can't for the LIFE of me remember it! Grrr!

Joelle- ooo, that would be fun to have birthday buddies!

Liz- thanks for all the good vibes... I'm gonna need 'em! And silicone? I should try that!

Janelle- you should totally just enter anyway... the name guessing isn't even part of the actual contest! Just date/time/gender. C'mon...Starbucks? iTunes??!!! :)