Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh Canada, Oh Working Blitz Week

The past several days have been a lot a lot of work…and also some play.

Mom & Dad joined us in Edmonton on Saturday as we packed up more of our place, and moved a bedroom set, clothes, and toiletries etc to Carlynne’s place.

Mom needed a snooze when they arrived, but we lacked appropriate napping equipment (although I do see a half empty couch there. hmmmmm), soooo… can you spot the sleeping lady?

Here she is! She can have a 2 second cat nap anywhere and be completely refreshed and re-energized. It’s enviable.

Sunday was church, more packing, a delightful bike ride, then more packing.

How about just some pictures of the really fun stuff. We love Edmonton in the summer!

Monday was crazy, but mostly because a certain moving vehicle company drove us slightly bonkers. We had planned on having our truck by 9:30am and packing it up pronto. After packing it up, Mom and Dad (bless their hearts!) were planning to drive the truck 5 hours to Lethbridge to unload it without us. We didn’t end up getting our truck ‘till 1pm, and the fam and Zabu packed like mad until close to 7pm. At that point, Mom & Dad were free to begin their 5 hour (minimum) journey with my Dad in the non-air-conditioned truck (which, in fact, spit out HEAT) in 30 degree Celsius weather, and my Mom following him in the van. At least they had their walkie talkies (which they were really very excited about!)

Then the really fun stuff began: the cleaning. Dan, Carlynne, Lowell, and I originally had plans to join some friends for dessert that evening, but since the nameless moving truck company left us hanging for so long, we were forced to cancel because the cleaning needed to be done. A few hours into our cleaning, Marc, Tara, Steve, and Dianna surprised us with dessert at the condo! Brownies, fruit, and conversation. Mmmmmm…. That was a much needed break, and such a sweet surprise! We then cleaned our heinies off until midnight, then made the trek to Carlynne’s place and collapsed instantly on our beds.

Tuesday, Canada Day, was another busy busy day! Lowell and I settled into Carlynne’s place, ran some errands, did the walk-through at our condo, then enjoyed an evening of chatting and fireworks with Travis & Lisa. Quite ridiculous that we don't have pictures, but I know you believe me.

Meanwhile, in Lethy, Mom & Dad recruited Aaron to help unload the Uhaul (with “Marc & Kylie” supervising). Don’t they all just plumb ROCK? Thanks guys.

Next is Wednesday! Lowell’s sister, bro-in-law, and niece came over for tea time. That was, of course, good times. Little Katelyn is going to be a big sister veeerrrrrrry soon. EEEeeeeee!

On Thursday, Carlynne and I began our painting project. The first ‘before’ picture is ugly because it's more like a ‘during’ picture, but you’ll still get the idea (and then you’ll be ITCHIN to see the ‘after’ pictures)! The second 'before' picture is ooold (I think it's Carlynne and my 24th birthday party the day after Lowell and I got engaged), but gives a pretty good idea of the living rom 'before'.
Main floor room:
Living room:
And AFTER (for the living room at least)...

(artwork all done by Carlynne herself!)

For supper, I made veggie burgers (from scratch). It’s the first time I’ve ever attempted veggie burgers, but they were yummers in our tummers (although the post-burger burps weren't quite so appealing). Shortly after this little BBQ, I met my good friends Lyndsay and Ann-Marie for gelato on Whyte Ave. Well, it’s a gelato place, but I tried tofulati (dairy-free gelato basically) because sometimes my insides don’t do so hot with the dairy. And surprise surprise, it was still delicious!

Friday (today) included more painting and other random things (such as getting terrorist-looking passport photos done) that really aren’t worth mentioning. SO, that brings us to the weekend already. And what are Lowell and I doing? We’re flying to Victoria to complete segment 2 of a video project that Lowell is doing. We’ll be crashing at Shareen and Craig’s place (again!), so that’ll be nice. I didn’t think I was going to see them again until Carlynne and Dan’s wedding. Yee hee, Vitoria here we come!!


Katie - Bakersfield, CA said...

Hi Lowell and Julie!

Its me again! I just want you to know that you seem to be a fun couple and maybe one day you can come to California to meet me until then may the Lord bless you and keep you and let His face shine upon you.

Whatever you do, DONT STOP BLOGGING!! PLEASE!!!! :) You've spoiled me rotten (hehehe)

Take care and dont work too hard and have too much fun.

Bloggy Mama said...

Fun! Another Ann-Marie... that's my Mom's name!! Travel safely, guys!

jill said...

Okay where are the after pictures! I need to see them now.

marcandorkylie said...

Thank you for thanking us for supervising. Supervising can be a very difficult job and is not for the faint of heart. Marc LOVES it when I take full credit for things so I take full credit for the lovely job your parents did! I'm still tired from all the work.

Carlynne said...

Hey nice after pictures! They a very AFTER indeed!