Friday, July 25, 2008

Capital Ex

Edmonton is such a hip hop happenin place to be during the summer. One of the events currently running is Capital Ex- which Lowell and I participated in with family friends on Monday.

The fair grounds

I don't know if Lowell comes across as a giant special needs child (as the morning was focused on special needs kids), or if people just perceive him as a fun, friendly, joker of a guy, but he was continually approached and treated as a child- a special needs child. He received stickers from clowns, and hugs from mascots, and I never got a second glance from them despite often being confused as a 12 to 15-year old. Innnnnnteresting.

Lowell was also hit on by a cheerleader though, so he obviously didn't look too young or special needs. He was on a kids ride with one of our little friends, and the cheerleader looked him directly in the eye and said with a suggestive tone "If you need a partner, I'll be yours."

Apparently she's not in the habit of checking for wedding rings! Is it inappropriate that I'm entirely amused when girls hit on or check out Lowell? It happens sooooo often and it's sooooooo obvious. Hee hee:)

Anyhoo, generally the Edmonton Eskimos and Edmonton Oilers are there to assist the kids on and off the rides, but apparently they mostly had other commitments this year. Being me (a little ridiculously obsessed with celebrity connections), I was a tad disappointed that scads of (somewhat creepy) clowns were substitutes for celebrity athletes. BUT, it was all about the kids and not me (apparently), so I won't curl up in the fetal position and cry about it. Look how happy it made the kids (actually, J in the back does look a little frightened)!

We did, however, spot a couple of celebrity-type folk which we (I) took immediate advantage of. Here's a picture with Ed Hervey (a former Eskimo). *Ahem* for the kids, of course.

And also with Georges Laraque. This time I KNOW it was him, and I even have the picture to prove it.

Chock up more celebrity connections for Julie! And also a little heat stroke.

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Bloggy Mama said...

I think its hilarious that you enjoy Lowell's situation. Looks like a fun day!