Monday, July 21, 2008

And he does it again!

Lowell completed yet another race this summer. This time it was a half marathon (something I prefer to be a spectator at due to my not-so-exsistent attention span).

He's all ready to go:

On your mark, get set...GO

Wait a sec...where's Lowell? Oh right, he's trying in get in his PRP (race lingo- figure it out:)

Ah, there he is. Quick Lowell. Catch up. THEY STARTED WITHOUT YOU!!!

Almost finished:

Wahoo. Now we can enjoy the much-deserved post-race big fat juicy smokeys!!


Tracy said...

PRP = preferred race position?

Looks like he totally deserved the big fat juicy smokey! I just hope you got to have one to for being the photographer :)

Avery said...

Congrats Lowell! Was that the same race you were in last year and I ran into you (when I was training, not racing;) on the trails?

Lowell Taylor said...

Sorry for the late response.
Yes that was the same race that I saw you on. During training I mentioned to Julie where we past you. =) It was at that stage that i had to pass around 200 racers packed into the small trails because I had started at the end of the pack.
Any runs for you this summer Avery?