Friday, June 27, 2008

Ta ta Tevie!

Today was my last day of work...HELLOOOOOO SUMMER!!!

Because I'm not returning to the school, my team prepared a farewell for me. It included a very well-written poem, and a book that the kids made. First for the poem:

Julie, Julie
With your eyes so blue
SLP at Tevie
We will miss you

Off to New Zealand
To soak up the sun
Sight seeing and working
We hope you’ll have fun

The kitchen will miss
Your burning displays
Of coconut in the morning
Our hall was in a haze

You are creative and kind
And really cute and fun
Tevie was lucky to search and find
A lady second to none

We wish you well
Both students and staff
Please email and tell us
Where you take your path

We bid you good-bye
And hope you may have a rest
Please know we may cry
Because you are one of the best!

Sweet hey? Now for some of my favourite pages from the book that the kids made.

The afternoon kiddies (who are 4 & 5 years old) finished the sentence "My wish for Julie is..."

My wish for Julie is a gingerbread man for a friend:

My wish for Julie is lots of fruit to eat:

My wish for Julie is a bird for a pet:

The morning kids (who are 3 & 4 years old) completed the statement "I love Julie because..."

I love Julie because she colours with me:

I love Julie because she hugs me:

These kids are hilarious, and oh how I will miss them. Yesterday was their last day, and it was a very emotionally exhausting day. Add that to the physical/mental exhaustion that I was already experiencing, and you get Julie crashing on her bed for 2.5 hours after work. That felt good.

Now Lowell and I are lean mean packing machines, and this post concludes our blogging experience from this condo *sniff sniff*. We'll start our new blogging lives at Carlynne's house, then my parents house, then...drum roll please... NEW ZEALAND!!!


Avery said...

I know the feeling of burnout from change and moving! Packing and unpacking is a lot of work, I'm still in the process!

Your kids comments and pictures are so cute!

Bloggy Mama said...

So cute. What an exciting summer this will be.....

marcandorkylie said...

What cute pictures! The end of the year was always emotionally exhausting for me too! Enjoy your last couple of nights in your condo.

Lowell & Julie said...

Hey Ave- still busy unpacking hey? Well you know what? We're unpacking some of our stuff in your old room (downstairs)!! Fun fun!

Shelley said...

those are the cutest little drawings! happy packing!

Anonymous said...

The poem is beautiful! It could be used as a reference. Happy trails to you both.
Love, Dad G.