Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Short and Sweet

Our weekend getaway to Victoria was short but sweet. On Saturday, morning we received a warm welcome from Shareen & Craig. After some chit chat, we went for a walk to a fish ‘n chips stand (where my ketchup obsession got a little out of control), then on to the beach. We played near the water (note that I said near and not in. Lowell would’ve liked it if I had ended up in the water…) then walked back home to Shar and Craig’s.

After a nap (it’s one of the things us G fam does best), we had BLTs then Lowell and I headed to Quinn and Zoe’s to record segment 2 of Lowell’s video project. He’s doing a little promo video for [6:8] Photography… simply because they rock.We rented lighting from a little business in Victoria (Croy & Co), and the set-up was intense…and BRIGHT. When we took the lights down, it was suddenly a depressing, ill-lit apartment building. Who knew, hey Zoe & Quinn?

Sunday was a day of Victoria festivities! We started out by walking around downtown...

and visiting Zoe at her store which is the tiniest store known to man. It's 4X11 feet, and full of cuteness. What you see here is what you get:

Here's Zoe! Just adding to the cuteness of the store:
We then perused the market...
and watched the special event going on...The Gay Pride Parade! It was an entirely unique experience, and very interesting to get a glimpse of this otherwise unfamiliar-to-me subculture. There were signs, rainbows, dresses & tootoos on men, “mustaches” on women—you name it—and people appeared to be having the time of their lives. I do wonder, however, how the more conservative homosexual population would react to this rather radical display as a lot of it was really quite shocking and racy. Well, here are some PG rated pictures.

Some stores were in on the action as well:

And thus concludes our Victorian weekend!


Anonymous said...

This isn't related to this blog, but I thought you'd like to know I just saw a music video and the matlock actor was in it. It was a super sweet love song by Brad Paisley called Waiting on a Woman. You should check it out.

Vicky H.

Lowell & Julie said...

Hi Vicki, thanks for the tip. I just watched it, and I looove Andy Griffith. He's just so dang cute!

By the way, congratulations on the babe! Hopefully we'll see you on Sunday? =)

Shelley said...

i love that store. I go to the smoking lily on main street now and again to check out their stuff. So fun!

Quinn And Zoe said...

Happy you two made your short but sweet trip! Is Lily the store your friend was talking about?