Friday, July 11, 2008

Only Carlynne

Today Carlynne had a meeting with her florist, but was asked to return in a few moments as the florist was unexpectedly detained. Since the said florist is on Whyte Ave, the trendy centre of Edmonton, Carlynne began to peruse the cute shops nearby. As she was killing time, she decided to try on a fashionable little shirt…with really no intention of purchasing it as it was overpriced as far as shirts go.

The shirt was small and deceivingly non-stretchy. Carlynne managed to squeeze into it…but failed to get it off again. She spent 15 solid minutes in the fitting room trying to wriggle herself out of it, but was unsuccessful. When asked by the sales people how she was doing, she would answer cheerfully in a sing-songy voice "Oh fine!" Finally, she paid the 50 bucks for it and walked out of the store wearing it. (The sales people thought she just liked it that much).

Once home, we had to get pictures of her in the cute shirt because once it came off, it was never going on her body again (although I do think it looked super cute).

(Carlynne re-enacted her attempt to pull the shirt off - kind of)

She then got in “take-off” position, and we spent the next 5 minutes forcefully extracting Carlynne from the shirt with combined effort amid gales of laughter. We even managed to pull it off unscathed and in returnable condition.

Things like this only really happen to Carlynne.


Avery said...

Wow. That is hilarious! Only Carlynne:) Actually, I've also had many close calls trying somewhat too small clothing on, but never that serious!!

marcandorkylie said...

hee hee I am surprised you let Julie post this Carlynne! I must say the shirt is super cute and doesn't really look too small. Maybe you should consider keeping it. Think of all the fun you could have every time you wore it! ;)

Anonymous said...

How are you going to return it when they know you wore it out?

(I ask only because I work in a clothing store...)

Shelley said...

ok, that is hilarious! That's when Carlynne should have used her go-go-gadget-dislocate-shoulder mode.

Bloggy Mama said...

Awesome. That's what sisters are for!

Tracy said...

That is absolutely comical! And I feel for her, I've been there!
So was she able to return it?

Quinn And Zoe said...

Haha!! This made me laugh so hard! That is probably the cutest shirt I have ever seen. Maybe she should take a needle and thread to it!