Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spontaneous Stagette

It wasn't your traditional stagette: no alcohol, no scandalous attire, no sketchy activities... & no other people. Just Carlynne and I.

After a day of wedding preparation while watching the classic Sister Act I & II movies last week, Carlynne and I made a spur of the moment decision- at 7pm- to par-tay. After all, Dan and Lowell had been having a good time since 3pm at Dan's Go-Kartin, Bungee Jumpin, BBQin bachelor party!

Carlynne is excited!!
So, we took a jaunt to the Sugarbowl- a trendy and quaint local restaurant.

Here we had *gasp* veggie burgers!

And *wait for it* a DECAF COFFEE! (Oooo... naughty!)

During this impromptu meal, we decided to treat ourselves to dessert next at a Taste of Edmonton. This is an annual festival in Edmonton- and I think it's my favourite. There are rows of tents, and each tent houses a mini "restaurant". There are 2 food options per tent, and the required amount of tickets varies.

Carlynne and I are stocked up and ready to taste!

We tried baileys mocha mud pie, a dessert crepe, chocolate/peanut butter chunks, strawberry cheesecake, and green onion cakes.

Carlynne is violently polishing off the crepe!
All were good choices...minus the green onion cakes. That was Carlynne's choice, and it wasn't really going along with the whole 'dessert' theme we were going for now was it Carlynne.

Sooooo, green onion cakes before:

Green onion cakes after. Ba-bye!

Another great thing about a Taste of Edmonton is the people watching. It's super! You really do get to see it all: tall, short; large, thin; tan, pale; excessive make-up, no make-up; butt cracks, cleavage... the whole 9 yards, and gosh is it ever entertaining.

And that, friends, was the wild party that releases Carlynne from singlehood!


Carlynne said...

Well what can I say? Why not go out with a bang?
(PS a little update about the shirt that wouldn't come off. I couldn't return it but the girl working there said that that shirt has been a problem for others as well. My next step is to go to the designer. It was locally designed and made. Lets see what she can do for me....

Bloggy Mama said...

Looks like a fun time out with a special person.