Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Brother's Shorn Locks

My brother is just a regular David Beckham.

Shaved head: like brother like Beckham. Now all Marc needs are tattoos up the wazoo and for Kylie (his wife) to become a Spice Girl. Perhaps Curly Spice? (Oh, and he'd need to play pro soccer and have money oozing our of every facet of his body)…

I guess the comparison ends with the buzzed locks.

Perhaps he could better be compared to Dr. Evil. The buzzed head, the dorky (i.e., evil) expression, and the fact that he’s a “Doctor”. Sorry to say, Marco, I think you have more in common with Dr. Evil!


marcandorkylie said...

I would have to agree with you Julie that he is more like Dr.Evil, especially after his mean picture post about me last night. Kylie

Angella said...

YOU CRACK ME UP! That's why I tagged you ;)