Monday, May 28, 2007

A tribute to Zabu...


I'll give you a little taste of the talent, handsomness, fun and quirkiness that is our friend Zab:

I think he comes by his quirkiness honestly. This is a garbage can from his homeland :

Zab & Lowell went to India & Kuwait last summer, and this garbage can screamed, "take my picture! (and then post me on the internet)"

Happy birthday Zabu Mafu.
Sorry about taking your roommate away in a couple months!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zab!!!May God bless, guide and protect you in your new year. Bette :)

Lowell Taylor said...

Happy Birhday Roomy! I can't believe another year has gone by. You are getting old man!

Well our time as roomates is coming to an end. Sorry to leave ya, but Julie has given me a better offer! *smirk*

Thanks for all the memories. Have a great year!
- lowell

Zab said...

HAHA..Thanks a bunch Guys. You know as much as Julie has a better offer..Rumor has it...that we may still be 2.00 min case Julies cooking is not up to par...Zab's across the street.Yes I know he conned you into the view...