Monday, May 07, 2007


I know I posted like 2 seconds ago, but...

My brother is pretty much amazing. If you haven't read his blog lately (i.e. today), do so now.

I miss these two. A lot. And I really wish they could come to our wedding, but they're committed to their wonderful work in Kenya (which I'm super proud of)... but it still makes me sad. *sigh*

Over and out.

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Shelley said...

To respond to your comment about gilmore girls. What on earth happened last night?! I can't say i'm horribly surprised that ROry said no to Logan. But i do wonder if she'll change her mind after she thinks about it a little bit.
As for Lorelai and LUke...for crying out loud!! JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY! WE KNOW YOU WANT TO!
I'm sooooo looking forward to next week's season finale :D