Monday, May 07, 2007

Rain rain go away!

Well, now the rain is gone, but it was sure there in all it's incredibly soppy splendor on Friday!

This weekend my Mom had a Ladies Retreat at our house, so my Dad and I got the boot. We took the opportunity to go to Edmonton to check up on Carlynne and the boys (Lowell and Dan). The trip there was a wet mess, but that was nothing compared to the disaster in Carlynne's yard. It was a lake. Literally. A ridiculously wet lake.

The first evening that we were there, we had a nice sup sup with Carlynne, Dan, Marc, Tara, Dad, Lowell, and I. After that we had planned on going out for lattes and dessert, but plans were altered a tad when Tara went to her room downstairs and noticed the giant puddle of water pooling on her floor. Great. So my Dad promptly went outside to dig a trench to help the water flow away from the house. So intent was he on this work, he passed on the latte and dessert. We tried our darndest to convince Dad to come, but he insisted on finishing the job. That's my Daddio!

So we had fun without Dad *sniff sniff*.

Note the coordinating (and not to mention stylish) rain jackets.

The trench did help...a little. But there was just too much water! (P.S. The pictures above of the lake were even taken post trench and after the rain had stopped). In the morning it was even more ridiculous, so Dad went out and bought and shop vac and rented a thingermabob to put in the yard, attach a hose to, and spit the water out on the road where there are drains. This worked well... but the water came back with a vengeance.

Irritating, yes. Then on Saturday, Dad used his detective skills to figure out the source of all this water since it had stopped raining. He discovered that the neighbour lady had her sump pump spewing the water from her yard directly into ours. WHAT?! Well, that explains things a little better.

So Dad and Carlynne had a little chat with her, and I think that situation is cleared up.

We still had time for fun even though the water situation stole hours from our lives that we'll never get back. On Sunday we went to the Gleddie's farm (my Aunt & Uncle). They have a sheep ranch and it's lambing season, so we got to hold and bottle-feed a cute little lamb. After treating Dan's nose like a nipple, Stacey (our cousin/tour guide) handed over the bottle.

Having an intense conversation, no doubt, over lunch. :)

Farmer Carlynne.


Dan's nose = a nipple

And here we are at Carlynne's place just before heading back South...

*Note Dad's incredible exhaustion after working his buns off on his entire weekend off. What a Dad!


~allison d.~ said...

Ok, how weird is that?! I was JUST thinking yesterday about how I wanted to add "holding a lamb" to my big "To Do In My Life" list. And there you were, living the dream!!

Throughly infuriating about the water...rrr...Hopefully the lambs made up for the hours you spent dealing with the H20 overload. :)

Duane said...

Well the water thing really sucks. Kudos to your dad for his awesome water evacuation job. I love the picture of the "thingermabob" and the inventiveness. It reminds me of something my father would do...or myself for that matter...Bringing back good memories of shoveling off the lawn in the dead of winter when our water main burst a few months ago!


shareen said...

oh what a weekend! sounds packed full of adventure... I miss being at the farm, especially around lambing, I love those little critters. So adorable and cuddly (even when covered in their own poop). Also, I bought a few new things (makeup wise) for your wedding - I've done two trials with them (one on myself and one on my friend hannah, I'll do another and take a picture of it) I like it better than what we did last time...more natural and pretty.