Monday, February 26, 2007

So long Marc & Kylie!

This evening, my favourite brother and sister-in-law are flying away. Far far away. Tonight they'll be in London, England, then they'll be in Amsterdam for a week, then off to Nairobi, Kenya for 6 months to a year. Marc will be practicing medicine and Kylie will find other useful things to do.

On Saturday, Lowell and I met them in Calgary for the day and we had FUN FUN FUN! Unfortunately Dan & Carlynne weren't able to join us, but here are a couple of pictures Lowell and I snapped of the Kenya-bound couple:

So long Marc & Kylie. We'll be thinking about you and praying for you a lot in the coming months. Love you kpishi!

Julie & Lowell and Carlynne & Dan


shareen said...

such cute pictures...I wish we could've come over to play too. Glad you had fun and we'll see you all soon!

David said...

Julie, you seem to be lagging in the Blog department. And imagine, you were once the every-other-day blogger. You must resuscitate (sp?) your blog from the once-per-week curse!