Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's official. Shareen, at 26, is now closer to 30 than to 20. Wow. What a milestone.

Here's a small collection of photos of Shareen for your viewing pleasure. She is definitely one of the single most beautiful people I've ever seen (and I'm not biased!). See for yourself:

Her wedding: June 10/06

Goofy and still gorgeous.


Shareen and her husband Craig



Carlynne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big sister!
I hope you have a wonderful day. Love you!

shareen said...

thank you, Julie and Carlynne! I'm off to work now but will be home tonight...eating Noodle Box and watching movies that I picked and Craig will probably groan though :) I'm also going to take a peek at Chapters to find myself some fun there...thank you for that! Love you.

shareen said...

oops! AND LOWELL!! Thank YOU for that, Lowell...and sorry I forgot you a minute ago. :)

Lowell Taylor said...

Happy Birthday my soon to be sister! No worries about the whole forgetting me thing. I understand. *smirk*

I hope you enjoy the movie. Make sure you check Craig's eyes once and awhile to make sure he isn't crying.

Enjoy 26, let me know how it goes for you and pass along any tips for when it is my turn.

Shelley said...


*insert witty comment about being old here*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shareenie!!!
We hope you have a wonderful day. Enjoy your Noodle Box/Movie/Birthday/Date with Craig!!! Craig, take special care of our daughter for us since we can't be there for the celebration of God giving us such a beautiful little girl that is now all growed up! 26 years old- what a great age!
Love you kpichi!
Mum and Dad

Daniel (the one Carlynne is dating) said...

Happy birthday Shareen,
For a few short weeks we were the same age but now you....well you turned 26 which I guess is what happens to 25 year olds? Happy birthday and we really need to meet at some point before I turn 26.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shareen!
I hope your day was grand, and that your year is fantastic!

me said...

Shareen has the fiercest eyelashes.