Sunday, February 18, 2007

How it all began...

Here follows the story of how Lowell and I's relationship began. I’m going to start from square ONE. Enjoy.

When I was in my first year at the University of Lethbridge, Lowell was in his second year (we're talkin fall of 2001 folks). I met him through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), but we were mostly just friendly acquaintances. Until the summer of 2002. That was when Danny and Kendra got married in Carstairs, Alberta (where Lowell is from). I went to the wedding with my family, but Lowell was there on his own. When we met him at the door (all alone), we asked him if he wanted to join us and he readily agreed. So, Lowell and I sat beside each other and learned a bit more about each other before/after the ceremony. After the wedding, Lowell was getting a projector from Troy (or something), and while he was busy doing that, my family and I left. He felt bad that we never got to say good-bye, so he emailed me that night to say good-bye. I emailed him back, then we shot emails back and forth for a few weeks. When he came back to Lethbridge in the fall for University, we progressed to phone calls. He made a habit of phoning me to make sure I would come out to IVCF events (just doing his co-prez duties no doubt). We started talking more on the phone. Still just friends. Then we started hanging out more. Still friends. Then we started meeting for lunch every Thursday. Again, STILL JUST FRIENDS. That is a little odd now that I think back, but we honestly were just meeting as friends!

On one of these Thursdays, there was a lady selling all sorts of educational kids toys/books in the atrium at the U. We became rather fascinated with a particular book called The Amazing Magic Fact Machine. This book has a circle of questions on one side, and a circle of answers on the other side. On the question side, there’s a little slot that you put a hand in. You turn this hand to the question that you want to ask, then you pick up the hand, and place it on the little mirror thing in the middle of the circle on the answer side. The hand then turns (on it’s own!) to the right answer. Every time! It is amazing. Anyhoo, the lady selling these things encouraged us to enter our names into a draw to win money towards her products. Lowell crumpled his entry up, claiming that the different texture would increase the chance of his name being drawn (especially since her five year old son was the one who was drawing the winner).

La book!

This is the hand that goes in the center of the circles.

Okay, now let’s fast forward to Valentines Day 2003. We were planning on going out for supper then going to a play at the University with friends of ours. At this point, we were still friends. Lowell requested that I dress up as he always liked to dress up when going to plays at the U. So, dress up I did, and I showed up at his door at about 6pm. After letting me in, Lowell said, “Our reservations aren’t ready yet, so why don’t we hang out here for a bit.” I agreed, so Lowell led me to his room. He said, ever so casually, “Oh by the way, I won that draw and I bought the Magic Book!” I was a little taken aback that he hadn’t shared this with me earlier. I thought that was definitely a bonding-type experience that we had.

Lowell suggested that we look through it, so we sat on the edge of his bed and learned some fascinating scientific facts. He said that his favourite page was the last one and I should check it out. So check it out I did, and this is what I saw:

The left side says, “Julie, will you out with me?” (Yes, he forgot the word “go”, and that is now a running joke). There were instructions on the top of the page. They said to make sure he wasn’t looking, pick my choice, then give the hand to Lowell to put in the circle on the other side. The options on the question side were “gotta think”, “yes”, and “no”. I turned the hand to the “yes” option, then gave the hand over to Lowell to do the honours. The “answers” on this side were pictures of Lowell that corresponded with each response from the first circle. There was a picture of Lowell with his thumb up, one with his thumb down, and one with one thumb up and one thumb down. Obviously, since I picked “yes”, the hand on the “answer” page went directly to the picture of Lowell with his thumb up. We were both happy. The end. KIDDING. It’s not over yet.

It was then time to catch our dinner reservation, so we went to the front door- but Lowell continued on downstairs. I thought he was just going to grab something from down there, so I waited, but then he summoned me down. I was shocked to see the basement all candle-lit with a couple hundred tea lights and a table set for 2 with Celine Dion playing in the background (I have a weakness for Celine songs). On the table, there were rose pedals on the plates, and a bowl of apples on the side (I looooove apples). We sat down and Bruce (his landlord) brought us pizza. We enjoyed this, and then Lowell had a gift for me. It was none other than Princess Diaries (the movie). Also something I really love. Lowell still jokes that I was more excited about the movie than dating him, but that was just because I was totally nervous before, and receiving my favourite light/fluffy/girly movie relaxed me.

Zabu and Lindsey met us at the house, and we all went to a play at the U. It was a very odd play (even though I couldn’t tell you what it was about for the life of me), but of course I loved the company :)

Once we got back to Lowell’s place, we watched the Princess Diaries, and that concluded our evening. It was WONDERFUL but dang it all, we don’t have any pictures to document it. Maybe we’ll reenact it one day!

Later I found out that Lowell went to my parents to ask their blessing on pursuing a relationship with me. What a man. My parents were thrilled as they knew Lowell before I even did. My Mom is a volunteer staff member with IVCF and Lowell was co-prez, so that's how they got to know each other.

This Valentines Day we celebrated 4 years together. I made him a turtle cheesecake, and Zab (his same roommate from Lethbridge- now his roommate in Edmonton) went a little camera happy. Thanx Zabu :)


Zab said...

In regards to the "Camera Happy Zab"...ahem...getting them both to look at the Camera was a little bit of a challenge. So I held down the burst shot till they did. Not until the 7th time did they realize there was the notorious paparzzi...waiting for sync. Nice Shirt Lowell =).The cake was decadant Julie..I think Family Day deserves a cake in this house too.

Lowell Taylor said...

That was one of the best days of my life. October 13th 2006 and July 28th 2007 will be right up there also!

Now why did Lowell forget the word 'go' in that ever so important question? Some could argue that it was because he made the book in the middle of the night while running on only a few hours of sleep. I however will make it all clear now. There simply was not enough room to write the full text: "Julie will you go out with me." I was able to fit it in without loosing much meaning. Yes, form and function. And I must state that Julie never noticed until it was pointed out to her many days later.

I hope you all enjoyed our story! Thanks Julie for writing it up!
Love ya,
- Lowell

Shelley said...

great story :D
I especially like the picture where it looks like you're head is about to explode from excitement.

Susan said...

Great story Julie. I remember asking you everytime I saw you during the pre-dating time, "Are you dating Lowell yet?" :) Sorry I was such a pest...hehe. It makes me very happy that you two are getting hitched.

That is such a great story!

Lowell & Julie said...

Zabu- I'd be happy to make you boys another decadent dessert... if you replace my pan (or at least retrieve it from the trash).

Anonymous said...

I think you should make banana bread, apparently it's a weakness of Zab's

Lowell & Julie said...

Zab.. is that you subtly hinting for me to bring over banana bread? I can see right through your trickery. "anonymous?" Pshaw!

Lucky for you, I've been on a banana bread kick lately. Over the last few weeks, I've tried a few different recipes and I've crammed them full of all sorts of goodies: nuts, craisins, smarties, apples.... you're in for a reeeeeal treat!

Lowell Taylor said...

I hope I will be able to get in on some of this goodness. A side benefit of being Zab's roomate? *smirk* mmm, banana bread.

Zab said...

Its good to know I am liked well enough by ANON..and just to rectify "her" judgement...yes I love Banana Bread.The real me can admit to that. I am now concluding that anon is a good friend as well.