Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Surprise

At the beginning of the week, Carlynne informed us roomies that she had a “surprise guest” for us on Saturday, and we were to meet her in the River Valley at 12:30pm. The suspense was mounting all week as we tried to figure out who this mystery guest could be. As it turns out, the guest was Samuel. Samuel the dog. Carlynne borrowed him from a local doctor so we could take him for a roommate walk!


Samuel, Carlynne, Tara, Carrie, and I (Avery couldn't make it at the last minute)

Tara, Carlynne, and Carrie comforting Samuel after a large dog off leash got a little too playful with Sam.

The walk was pleasant and fun, but uneventful....until the end. As we were walking down a hill, Samuel was pulling me and I slid down behind him while hanging onto his leash for dear life. Things got a little out of control, I slipped, he dragged me for several feet on my back, then I rolled onto the side of the path. This was very amusing and brought much laughter from us all. But Sam wasn't done entertaining us yet! He pounced on me (playfully of course) and had a death grip on me. My eyes closed, I struggled for freedom. I was laughing so hard, I could barely get free. When I finally stood up to dust the snow off, the girls were laughing uncontrollably. I asked what was sooooo funny, and Tara ever so eloquently informed me. Sam, well, at the risk of sounding vulgar.... was humping my face.


Gross as it may be, we continued to laugh and Carlynne insisted that we take pictures at that spot as to remember this momentous occasion. So, well, I reenacted it (without the intent of getting my face humped again).

The reenactment:

Me diving into the snow.

Samuel wasting no time coming after me.

And, there's no denying what dear Sam is doing in this picture as I struggle to get up once again. But all I can say is... at least it wasn't my face!

And....the fun is over!

The bottom line is: it was great spending some time with a dog again because I loooooooove dogs, and really miss Tessie!


Avery said...

I wish I could've been there - glad you guys had a good time:)


me said...

Oh my. This happened at a party once. A guy let his dog in, which then ran into a group of people sitting on the carpet and mounted... it was so funny... the guy literally could not get the dog off. We were laughing too hard to help.

Shelley said...

well THAT'S disturbing.

jimminy_c said...

what I can't believe is that you agreed to reenact the whole thing knowing full well that you had a horny dog on your hands. Isn't there a saying that deals with this? "fool me once..."

Janice Vandyk said...

ewww. once when we were kids we found a stray dalmation and took him home, and he was humping our legs but we thougth he was hugging us so we let him do it all the time, until one day my dad seen this and explained what he was doing! we were horrified! so i to have been violated by a dog, but not on the face like you.

Angella said...

He's a cute dog, despite his violation of your face :)

Susan said...

Julie, there are few people who have the courage to blog about certain're hilarious.

Duane said...

Honestly, that's probably one of the funniest things I've ever read! Kevan sure did hit the nail on the head though about the're braver than I!


Shelley said...

i told my classmates this story today. They thought it was hilarious!