Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's true! It's true! It's really true!

So, you may or may not remember a post I did back in November that featured Ethan Moreau (an Edmonton Oiler) and I. I claimed I had met him, but this was my only proof:

Well ladies and gents, after a lovely Valentines evening with Lowell, I came home to find these pictures on my email. Finally. Yes yes, in this picture Ethan Moreau is aware (not to mention pleased:), that I am getting a picture taken with him. Clearly Bill and Ann-Marie wanted to have the same close, first-name-basis relationship with Ethan that I did as they tried to crowd in on my pictures, but Ethan would have none of it. Kidding kidding. More like I would have none of it. I take my celebrity relationships very seriously you know.

And here's one last picture of Ethan. Just cuz.

I just noticed that the blonde head in the background belongs to none other than MOI. Wow, that's THREE pictures with Ethan and I. Amazing.


shareen said...

you are hilarious. i love it. do you still have the red sock i gave you? I gotta tell you though...I would've had no idea who Ethan Moreau was had you not posted about him. :)

Avery said...

Julie is a goof:)


Shelley said...

Ethan Moreau...blah blah blah. What about Lowell????

(sniff sniff) poor lowell

Lowell & Julie said...

Shelly, Shelley...Lowell is the love of my life. I have no romantic feelings for Ethan. He's just my celebrity friend (okay, he's not even a friend, he's just a celebrity).

bri said...

hey, i tried to call you last week, but you were in the shower, and then noone was home...and now I was looking for you number and I can't find it. call me? (that sounds desperate! haha)

Shelley said...

oh, i know.
that was a test.
you passed :)

Lowell & Julie said...

SHAREEN! I forgot to respond to your comment that made me laugh. Of COURSE I have the red sock that you had signed for me... shall we explain to everyone else what we're talking about?!

PS-Are you around tonight? Let's chat on the phone!

shareen said...

JULIE!! (It wasn't that much of an emeregency that it required capital letters, let's get some perspective...those must be saved for important things like FIRE! AMBULANCE! CHOCOLATE! But I appreciate the thought.) Tonight is the first play-off game against SFU (easy-peasy) but I could call you between work and the game as I have to take the bus from one to the other and that's a good half-hour.

shareen said...

and yes, "emeregency" is an even bigger deal than an "emergency"

JoyO said...

Julie, I'm quite jealous that you met Ethan Moreau. I'm feeling rather disconnected with the Oilers here in Lethbridge. However, given their record right now, is that such a bad thing?