Friday, July 27, 2007

The quickest written post in the world

First of all....I HAVE LURKERS? That's so FUN! You people made my day. New Zealand, Alabama.....AWESOME!!

Following are a few pictures that we have on one camera (of many)- just to give you an idea of the last 2 days (wedding-wise).

Wednesday: The plan was to make my own wedding cake. I found a super cute little tier thing to use and everything. The plan failed for NO APPARENT REASON. The cakes looked like small volcanoes. ALL THREE OF THEM. And they were quite flat. Cue: phone call to Aunt Cheryl! This doll is going to make the cake(s) TODAY.


And the rest of the day was a blur. (A fun blur of course).

On Wednesday night, Carlynne (twin sis), Dan (sis's boyfriend), Avery (old roomie) and THE GROOMY arrived from Edmonton. They actually arrived at 12:30am, so I guess that was early Thursday morning, and I was sleeping. Hee hee.

But yesterday was FULL and FUN! Everyone worked all day: mowing lawns, baking, cooking, cleaning, getting pedicures (this was the roughest job of all;), scrambling to do some wedding stuff....

Then more friends and relatives arrived!

The one second from the left is Angel Aunt Cheryl.

Our deck was double booked that night by Shareen/Carlynne and my Mama. Shar & Car planned a stagette for me, and my Mom planned a big supper for the relatives and boys (who were not invited to the stagette of course!) Turned out that we got the deck for a while, then ate at Earls instead of shishkabobbing it. It was still great times though.

Afterwards it was gift opening time (secretly my favourite part! kidding). My sister's are so dang creative. Remember the bridal shower Carlynne threw for me? Well this one was just as fun! I loooooove chick flicks, so the theme was CHICK FLICKS. They each gave me a DVD that had some meaning behind it (whether it be one of their favourites, my favourites, or it was a bonding thing between them and I). I was to guess who each one was from, and while I did not so hot, I still love all my new chicky flicky DVDs!!! There are like a billion of them!

I wore the lovely "bride to be" sash all evening. It even lit up!!

And poor little Lowelly-pop started our slideshow last night. Chock up another all-nighter for Lowell!

And now begins the day before the day. WWEeeeeeeeeee!


Jen said...

Ok, I'll fess up to being a lurker! Lowell's mom gave my mom your address so I've been secretly reading about you for the last month. So who am I? Well, I'm Lowell's 2nd cousin (or 3rd - not really sure how that works:) ). Anyways my Dad and Lowell's mom are cousins. Got it?
Anyways, congrats and I wish you the best day ever tomorrow!!! Can't wait to see the pics!
Jen (Abbott) vanTol

Shelley said...

I love watching people get married and all the celebration around it. Bridal showers, stagettes, dinners, ceremony. It's all SO AWESOME!

Tracy said...

WWEeeeeeeeeeeee! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us updated!!!!

Angella said...

Wheeeeeee!!!!! Is right!! I'm SO excited for you guys!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Guys. Enjoy every moment of your day! I have been thinking of you both all day. Thoughts like "I wonder what they're doing now?" "They are probably getting hair done now." "It's such a nice day for a wedding" and so on and so forth. Can't wait to see pics. Congrats and I'll be celebrating with you from here!

~allison d.~ said...

Oh my godfathers, your day is here!!!! Can't wait to see your photos!!!
Congratulations and have a wonderful wonderful AMAZING day!! I'll be thinking of you!! :)

Becky said...

Happy wedding day!!! I can't WAIT to see the pictures, hear all about it, and your honeymoon as well. Enjoy your day!

Brent and Kirstin said...

Congratulations lovely newlyweds! I'm sure you're off somewhere relaxing. Hope your wedding was a wonderful wonderful beautiful day!


shareen said...

in case people are looking for them, I've posted some wedding pictures on my blog...just a few, but enough to satisfy at least a little curiosity. :)

Cousin SteV said...

Hey guys, i figured you'd have some pictures up by now. It's been three days. Just when i thought you were dedicated bloggers...what else could you possibly be doing? Hope to see some soon.

christy said...

By the time you read this you'll already be married Whoooo Hooooo! I saw pics on Shareen's blog...You looked AMAZING! Looks like a super fun day. Congratulations Julie!!!