Thursday, August 02, 2007


Aloha and thank you all for your comments and emails!! We finally have internet here in Hawaii!

Everything about July 28th was perfect: the people, the help, the ceremony, the weather, the reception... everything.

We don't have pictures yet, but we discovered a small collection of pictures from Kevan, Duane, and Shareen that we can show for starters. Bri also has some at

Here they are!!

As soon as our amazing photographers have more pictures up, we will let you know!


~allison d.~ said...

Oh! I've been waiting to see photos!! Wow, you two look radiant and happy. Congratulations. :) I can't wait to hear some of your stories!!

My heart has been squeezed. ;)

Tracy said...

Wahoo! You're married! Hope you're having a fantastic time in Hawaii!
Both of you looked great! Great pics - can't wait to see more!

Katherine said...

Congratulations Julie and Lowell! Have fun in Hawaii. Don't forget your sunscreen. (thanks for the taste of pictures)

Elizabeth said...

Yipeee!!! Congratulations. You look INCREDIBLE!!

Angella said...

Woot!! You guys look amazing!! (Not that I expected you to look any less than stunning).


Duane Clemens said...

Julie and Lowell,

Congrats once again! Kevan and I are nearing completion of your wedding pictures and should be done very soon! Hope you kids are having a great time in Hawaii!


shareen said...

Hey you two...good to hear you're alive and well (and scamming free wireless!!). We miss you guys already and I can't stop talking about the wedding and I feel like everyone is wanting to tell me to shut up because it's all I talk I rambling about the wedding again? I'll shut up. :)