Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Moving Day (er- 5 days)!

I arrived in Edmonton Thursday at 8am, and didn't get home until last night at 8pm. IT WAS MOVING WEEKEND!! And it was HOT.

I had plans to spend Thursday evening with Carlynne and my current and former roomies (plus significant others), so during the day I tried to get the ball rolling on the moving situation. We had to move stuff from everywhere: Lowell’s place, Carlynne’s place, and our place in Lethbridge. Lowell, Carlynne, and Dan all had to work on Thursday (conveniently), so I was on my own! Lowell’s old place and our new condo are a block apart, so I decided it would be easiest to use shopping carts and just cart things from old place to new place. So, I toddled the 7 blocks to Save-On, put a loonie in a cart, and left. Yes, I felt like a tool. Good thing I had shades on because that way I didn't have to bashfully make eye contact with everyone staring at me because I looked like a dweeb pushing the loudest (and emptiest) cart known to man.

I successfully made it to the condo, loaded up the cart, and went to deliver the FIRST load to our new place… only to find that the new place was sooooo not mover friendly. There was a huge curb outside, then 3 steps inside before reaching the elevator. I extremely awkwardly managed to get the first load up…then decided to focus on other things that didn't require awkward cart maneuvering. I started packing up Lowell's old room! (I later found out that we're supposed to move in through the BACK which was indeed mover-friendly).

Soon enough, it was time to head to Carlynne’s house to prepare for the roomie BBQ we were having with (almost) all former and current roomies from Carlynne’s house in honour of BRENDA AND PETER who were visiting Edmonton for a short time. Brenda was a year ahead of me in Speech and was our Newfy roomie.

Good friends, good food, good times… That Daniel can make $8 slabs of meat taste like $30 slabs.

Doesn't it look good? It was!

Carlynne, Brenda, Peter, me

The roomies: Sarah, Tara, Avery, Carlynne, me, Brenda, and Dianna.

On Friday, Mom and Dad came with a van load of my stuff and also Lowell's couches that they picked up from his parents' home in Carstairs. This began the hardcore moving day in the blustery heat wave that was Edmonton. We moved, cleaned, moved, cleaned, moved, and cleaned. Oh, we also set up 10,000 pieces of furniture from Ikea (and moved and cleaned).

The 'rents with the ridiculously loaded van.

The shopping carts were a Godsend, although we had a couple tumbles and spills (and we looked like homeless people because we even rumbled through the alley).

This was Lowell's spill- not mine. Just for the record:)

Saturday morning was our first brekky in our new home (the 'rents and Lowell and I all stayed there). I made cornbread!

The rest of Saturday was the same story as Friday (but even hotter if that were even possible).

Lowell and Mom assembling some Ikea furniture in Lowell and I's soon-to-be-room.

Sunday was church, errands, unpacking, cleaning more, and doing Loweller's hair. (cut & dye). All of this was jam-packed and exciting for us...but not so much for you. So, moving along...

This is our amazing view out one window. The view out the other window is even better. Here my Dad is doing some homework on the patio.

Here's a little sneak peak at the inside of the condo. This is our dining room. The boxes on the left will not stay there, and the tulip picture in the background will be hung on the back wall. The futon on the right is facing the window with the BEAUTIFUL view. We'll be having tea/coffee/devotions there frequently I'm sure.

I spent Monday with Clynie (she was post-call and Lowell had to work). We went shopping etc and landed back at the condo in time to hang out with Dan and Lowell briefly, then vamoose off to the airport. And now I am home. Home sweet home, but looking forward to my new home with Lowell (in 11 days!!).

This was our parting picture!

And that was our crazy moving weekend which never would have been successful had it not been for the help of my amazingly hard-working, fun, and efficient parents. Thanx Mom & Dad!!


Shelley said...

great new place, julie! You guys will make it such a comfortable home.

Brent and Kirstin said...

Holy smokes what a beautiful view!


shareen said...

wow...what a moving adventure! I love the picture of Dad by the van in his spiffy duds. And excuse me, is that MY papasan chair I see packed in the back of the van there? (Well, MINE meaning the one that Shawn gave to me after it lived on his patio for a year?) You may have it...may it bring you happiness and joy.

Lowell & Julie said...

Thanx Shar. Mom said you asked her to take it to the thrift store, so I assumed it was up for grabs and snatched it before it got whisked away. It's soooo comfy!

Lowell Taylor said...

The house is lonely without Julie. I am looking forward to making the condo our home! Yippee!

Oh, and for those who wonder, our view looks out over Victoria Park and Golf course down through the river valley to the West, and South across to the university. I am sure there will be many beautiful pictures of our view!

Elizabeth said...

YAaayyyyy! That's so fun, Julie. I remeber well moving all our stuff into Justin's and my first place, only it was in another town. Moves can be such fun memories. I'm thrilled that yours appears to be one of those...

Avery said...

I was glad I could make it barely in time to see Brenda! I'm looking forward to visiting the new married couple in your new place:) Will you be living in Edmonton as of August?

Lowell & Julie said...

Yep! We'll go from honeymoon to Edmonton, so we'll have you (and the other kids) over ASAP baby cakes!