Monday, July 23, 2007

The Half Marathon before the FULL Marathon

So one week before I start the life-long marathon of marriage with the love of my life (aww) I raced my first half marathon. It was a beautiful (hot and cloudless) day for a run. It was a 21.1 km trail run through the Edmonton river valley. (Hawrelak Park/Whitemud Creek)

My goal for my first half was 2 hours. I finished the 21.1 kms in 1:44:53. I was very happy with this time. It was satisfying to pass a lot of the tired people who started out too fast and were affected by the heat.

I finished 25th out of 251 overall racers and was 5th out of 16 racers in my age group (20-29).

I had quite a bit of energy left over at the end, so now I know that next time I can give it a little harder.
I look forward to being able to attend these races and have have Julie there to cheer me on, or race alongside.
There are only 5 days left until the real race begins! oohhh, I am so excited.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lowell, you did awesome in the half marathon- and to think that you could have kept going....congratulations! We are looking forward to you coming down here to join the excitement for your and Julie's real marathon!
Bette :)