Friday, March 16, 2007

More Brilliantness!

Once again, I spotted one of my roommates doing something weird. Avery was cutting onions, and she announced, “I’m doing what Tara does!” I turned to see Ave cutting an onion while sucking on a spoon. Uh….what? Apparently it’s supposed to prevent eyes from going all watery crazy. I tried this morning when making guacamole, and it sure didn’t work for me. I complained to Tara about this and she set me straight. The convex side of the spoon has to be pressed against your palate (yet another tip from Marc B). Ah. That I shall try next time.

Is it just me, or are my roommates weird? Geniuses… but weird.


shareen said...

where does Marc get all these crazy tips? I'll have to give that a try and maybe my goggles will be retired.

Shelley said...

Is this true? I use goggles as well when i cut onions because they affect my eyes SO MUCH!

David said...

Bread works much better. And after cutting the onion you can enjoy an onioney piece of bread.

I learned it on the food network.

Avery said...

I don't understand the bread thing?! Anyway - goofy picture of me:) I found the spoon thing works - you just can't take it out to talk to people in between or it defeats the whole purpose:)