Sunday, July 31, 2011

week 33 - pineapples and puppies!

There's some discrepancy among my sources! One site says Hazelnut is a little over 4lbs, and the other one claims he could be as big as 5.8lbs. I'm going to err on the HEAVIER side... so let's go with the 5.8lbs and over 17 inches long! Apparently his brain is doing some major developing (well, at least I hope it is), his bones are hardening (that must be why I'm craving milk so much), and he's able to keep his eyes open when he's awake!

And by the way. In case you're keeping track... there are TEN puppies in the above picture with me. Is that what heaven is like? Quite possibly!

Now for the listy-loo...

1. Lowell’s been a busy boy. Right on the heels of our crazy week away, he spent 3 days on a horseback riding trip with the boys (‘Studs on Steeds’), then stayed an extra day at the farm where I met him to take puppy pictures.

I don’t know how military wives do it. That was the longest we’ve been apart in our married life, and I was not a fan. Me no no likey when he's gone!

The morning after returning home, he completed an Olympic distance triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) in Raymond. Crazy, wonderful, athletic boy.

This mama’s sooo happy to have her baby daddy back!

2. While I’m really enjoying pregnancy and having a socially acceptable Buddha belly, sometimes I eye up cute little outfits and wish I could wear them. Let’s take, for example, this adorable little dress that my hot tamale of a sister, Carlynne, is wearing (which I will be borrowing the second I can squeeze into it, by the way).

Also apparently my bacne needs to dissipate before I don this little number...

3. This past week, Lowell and I celebrated FOUR YEARS of marriage. The time has flown, and yet it feels like we’ve been together forever. Basically, I love the heck out of the guy, and I’m fairly certain I’m the luckiest gal on earth.

4. I highly recommend living near parents when pregnant. That is, if your parents are as amazing as MINE are! This week (while Lowell was away), I came home from a doctor’s apt to discover my mama cheerfully mowing our lawn. Then another day, I dropped Kumeu off at their house on my way to work, and when I got back in the car to head to work, it wouldn’t start. Without giving it a second thought, Mom dropped what she was doing, tossed me the keys to their van, and had the car dealt with! They feed us, they hang out with us, they look after Kumeu, and they help out in random and very appreciated ways. They’re pretty much amazing…and I anticipate that I’ll continue to enjoy their proximity once the babe comes!

5. I love that I get threatening messages when my Sunday posts get a little late. I totally look forward to my updates too because I loooooove your comments. You people really pump up my tires!

6. Marc, Kylie & Ty came to Lethbridge for a few days following our family reunion, and Ty and Kumeu got along famously!

7. It’s been no secret that we’re hoping for a boy. HOWEVER, we have a sneaky suspicion that Hazelnut is a girl…

8. The hip has been a tad ridiculous. There IS, however, always a silver lining. I will never take painless walking for granted again, and labour may seem like less of a big deal.

9. Along that same vein... I FINALLY GOT A MATERNITY MASSAGE! And it was glorious. Oddly enough, however, the first thing a random stranger said to me post-massage was “you should get that leg checked out.” Apparently my limp was not to be massaged right out or disguised in any way, but the massage was still heavenly.

Unfortunately for Lowell (and fortunately for ME), I've discovered that receiving a nice massage prior to beddy-bye time has resulted in less hip pain through the night and MUCH better sleeps. Lucky Lowell!

10. I enjoy when I enter an establishment, and people make eye contact me, then their entire head moves down as they obviously shift their gaze to my belly. Or when little girls whisper to their Moms, “Mommy, look at that girl’s belly”. Or when little boys do a double take of my belly, and—with their eyes nearly pop out of their heads—slowly walk backwards to their parents without removing their terrified gaze from my swollen abdomen.

11. I spotted a woman rocking shorts, knee-high support hose (like mine), and runners. Perhaps I should swallow my pride and attempt the same look…

Nope. Just can’t do it!


cdheigh said...

Julie, upi are SO cute! I just love following your pregnancy adventures. You truly look amazing. Bacne and all. ;).

Bloggy Mama said...

I second that. You. are. gorgeous.
And I love that you are embarking on this wild ride of parenthood. YAHOO!!!!! Ride 'em, cowfolk ;)

Sneep Family said...

LOVE your pics!!! I say next week sport those shorts & knee high socks!! I think you could pull it off :) And the bacne just gives character to a gorgeous dress like that. I agree your parents are fantastic & it will be great for you to have them around when baby's a huge help!!! The puppies...ADORABLE!!!!!!!!


Michelle Armstrong said...

Puppies!!!! Too cute! Speaking of which, what kind of dog is in the pic with your sis? Super cute!!!

And by the way I hear ya on being apart from your husband- IT SUCKS!!!

Miss you guys! Thinking of you!

PS Support hose and shorts? I vote no.

Shelley said...

Before i read your blogs, i always like to look at the pictures first. I'm not sure why. But whilst perusing the pictures, i saw the one with someone STANDING on a horse. While i don't currently have my glasses on, i first thought it was you.


upon further inspection, and reading, i sighed a big sigh of relief that your baby was safe and NOT about to fall off a horse, but instead, would be licked to death by puppies...

...and i'm okay with puppies.

shareen said...

"pump up my tires"? You ARE your father's daughter! :)

Also, did Mum drag her own lawn mower all the way from home (not that it's far) in order to mow your lawn? She is so cute. And I can't believe you were going to mow it yourself. Pregnancy really does make you crazy.

If and when I ever do have a child, I insist Mum and Dad transplant themselves to wherever I live...just for the last few months and then the first year...ish. :)

Lowell & Julie said...

Thanks y'all- I love how you just keep on boosting my ego!
Michelle- I'm with you. No go on the support hose with shorts!
Shelley- I would NEVER stand on a horse... I wouldn't want to incur the wrath of Shelley!
Shareen- I was mowing the lawn up until this hip situation as I quite enjoy mowing. :) Mom's cute with her lawn little lawn mower. Ours was temporarily out of oil! And sorry- I'm not giving Mom & Dad up. I'm going to insist that they stay right here with me. :)

Carlynne said...

Hey Sis,
you can borrow my dress anytime, just give a few weeks notice for the greyhound travel. Whenever I see those pictures I am really annoyed that the dress doesn't looked pressed.
Congrats on the triatholon and horse back riding Lowell!!

Jemma said...

Your parents are very awesome. I'm totally moving to your block.