Sunday, July 17, 2011

week 31 - coconut

Hazelnut is now the size of a coconut! Well, at least this PARTICULAR coconut which just HAPPENS to weigh exactly 3.5lbs (trust me... I checked). We took this photo in Edmonton at Uncle Sid & Auntie Marge’s (Dan’s parents) house. I’m pretending to drink the coconut milk whilst coconut aroma assailed our senses (as Auntie Marge was coinkidinkally toasting coconut at the same time). I've also been liberally treating myself to mocha coconut frappaccinos, so coconut has very much been a theme in my life!

According to my sources, all 5 of Hazelnut’s senses are now in working order. FUN! Also, my uterus is starting to suffocate me a little bit (as- surprise surprise- it's still growing). After climbing 2 stairs (not 2 FLIGHTS of stairs... just 2 individual stairs), I find myself clinging to the wall for support as I huff and puff in an attempt to catch my breath and regain my composure.

Now the list.

1. DAILY I receive comments about how large I am and how crazy it is that I still have 9 weeks to go. The other day a man asked me how many DAYS I had left, then he just about fell off his bike when I told him I had almost 10 weeks to go. “Good luck with that!” he called as he biked across the street.

I DO feel large, and I DO feel quite like a house. Lowell so eloquently assured me, however, that I AM a house… for our little Hazelnut! That guy really does have a way with words, doesn’t he?! It's a gift.

2. Glass after glass (or jug after jug) of cold, cold, ICE cold refreshing milk. That’s where it’s at. And, of course, popsicles. And just plain ice.

3. This week we attended the most intense half birthday party ever to be thrown on earth. We sang half of 'half-ty birthday', there was half of an extremely impressive cake, and there was a 'half' themed quiz where the winner got half of his meal paid for by having HALF of the answers correct (that was Lowell by the way). I feel shamed that in all our years of celebrating half birthdays (as we grew up celebrating such things), the most creativity I've mustered up is to make a cake. And not even half a cake. I think it's time we pick it up a notch. Thank you, Joelle, for the inspiration (and the great party!)!

4. Hazelnut attended his second wedding (although it was the first wedding attended by INVITATION as his mama crashed a wedding in June… but that’s another story for another day). My cousin Ben married the lovely Katie (and my Uncle Morris officiated)...

The bathroom signs at the reception were rather amusing. I think the creator of these symbols was a leetle optimistic about proportions. One might be hard-pressed to find clothing that fits...

It was great to see my wonderful G relations again, and see how big my little cousins are getting. Much more G family fun to come this next week… FAMILY REUNION!!! In SOUTH DAKOTA!

5. Hazelnut witnessed his Dad start and finish a half marathon! Lowell ran 'the Moose is Loose' which goes through Edmonton's beautiful river valley. He finished in an hour and 49 minutes... GO LOWELL!! Zabu also did the half marathon and Ruth did the 10km. I sat on a curb.

Here he is about to start. "Good gracious what have I gotten myself into..."

In the following picture, Lowell's about to cross the finish line as I'm jumping up and down yelling "He's the father of my child!!" (Kidding kidding... I would never do that... but I wanted to).

All done!

And he scored a fabulous (and free!) massage out of the deal...

Yeay Zab & Ruth!

6. My left side has taken a bit of a beating, and it feels AND looks like that of a 95-year old. There are the veins that we all know and love, I am regularly getting nasty Charlie horses which keep my calf in a continual state of soreness, and I’m pretty sure my left hip-bum has fallen out of its socket. (Good thing I like 95-year olds.)

7. Baby hiccups are CUTE! And Lowell got to feel them for 5 solid minutes (in fact, he was the one to point out to me that they were probably hiccups. I had felt them before but just didn't know it.)

8. Profile shot sans arms...


Michelle Armstrong said...

I was JUST about to leave a nasty comment "demanding" my weekly blog post but you came through with minutes to spare!

Can't believe you were in Edmonton while we were in Victoria... Sigh...

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful side profile picture at the end (even without arms) ... so artistic!! It was fun to see you at the halfty birthday but I wish we had had a little bit of a visit ... I left kicking myself after that one. How is it that we end up in the same places and don't seem to get past a couple sentences of conversation?? I know I have said it before but NEXT TIME ... for sure next time ... :) Great post! Thanks for sharing :)
- Nadine

Cheyenne said...


I've become a part time creeper on your blog. Yes, stalkin' is my middle name.

Gosh, you look great, Julie! Tony the Tiger GREEEAATT! I love reading your updates--it's making me so enthused for you to have your sweet babe. Between stories from Chels and reading your blog, you keep me rolling on the floor in laughter. Okay, rolling on the floor is an exaggeration, because you think YOU look like a house? I have been comparing myself to a barn...and I have three weeks to go!

If there is ever anything you need, let me know---I mean it.

Take care!

Shelley said...

Shelley's thoughts of this blog:

1) you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! Plus, you're the tiniest of all my pregnant friends/siblings so therefore, in my eyes, you are NOT large. Still room to grow :)

2) i'm now craving a glass of milk

3) one time when i was about 7 or 8 years old, my sister wished me a half birthday. i didn't understand. I also thought that 'sandwiches' were witches who lived in sand castles.

4) weddings are fun!

5) I will never run a marathon, a half marathon or even around the block unless i'm being chased by a rabid dog/bear/cougar/psych patient on the loose. i admire people who like to run.

6) my cousin kaile came over the other night with her little baby girl (who is now 6 weeks old) and she had the hiccups (the baby, not kaile) and it was sooooo cute!

7) charlie horses HURT! And you look much better with arms!

You guys are the best-est!

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
Don't think we have ever met, but Lowell and I worked at camp together. Anyway, my little bro suggested I check out your blog (Jordan Olson) and I had to laugh. I am currently 29.5 weeks along and a typical conversation in a store goes something like this. "So any day now eh? (note this is with total strangers)" "No, no we still have 2 and a half months" "Oh really? So your having twins" "No, no actually there is just one"... moment of awkward silence... "well umm good luck with that"...

And yes, I have gained over 30 already...

Alissa Bjorn (Ps, would love to chat, feel free to look me up on facebook or send me a note through my website.

Sneep Family said...

I must say I LOVE your baby counter on the side of your blog. It tells me exactly when our Taylor's birthday is. She was born on the 18th so it is very helpful to me. I know exactly how much time I have to prepare for her birthday. Thanks for that! You still look fabulous! I love the coconut Frapps you are talking about! Enjoy! Just think soon you will be able to breath again & then you will have to pee like crazy again right before you have know when baby drops and you look & feel even bigger :) LOL! Oh to be pregnant again!! Have fun!!! I can't wait to hear the news!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very cute!

A question:
How do you take pictures with your all white background? Is it photoshopped? A green screen? I would like to know!

Lowell & Julie said...

I LOVE all of these nice lengthy comments!
Michelle- ditto, my friend!
Nadine- I also left kicking myself! We should've stood up and yelled "UPSET THE FRUIT BASKET!" so everyone would change seats and mix it up! Then I would've snuggled your child and talked your ear off! Next time...
Cheyenne- I LOVE creepers! Well, cute pregnant creepers like you anyway. I'll bet you're the cutest barn around! I can't wait to hear about the arrival of your little one- sooo soon now!!
Shelley- I love all of your points. My particular favourites are 3, 5 & 7. Hehe:)
Alissa- thanks for the fun comment! I checked out your site and you're a very talented photographer! Those comments are so funny hey? That identical dialogue happens to me 2-5 times a day!
Jill- glad we could help you remember Taylor's birthday. Especially since she's named after us and all (hehe:)!
Anonymous- white, backlit background with a little boost from photoshop afterwards! It's sooooo handy having a camera/tech-savvy hubby like Lowell!