Sunday, July 10, 2011

week 30 - cabbage

This pregnancy is THREE QUARTERS done, and Hazelnut is ~15 ¾ inches long, and weighs about 3 lbs. Personally, I think he weighs more than 3 lbs. Not because I want to give birth to a 16 lb child, but because I REFUSE to believe that only THREE POUNDS of my 30 lb weight gain is baby!

Okay, I’m going the listy-loo route again…

1. Normally I LOVE when people touch my belly, but this week a 40 year old man wearing black gloves in the 30 degree Celsius heat—who may or may not have been in the process of stealing a car— rapidly approached me in a parking lot, placed his hands on my belly and excitedly exclaimed, “Oh! You’re with child! God bless you!” I quickly shifted and hastened my pace all the while smiling politely. THAT I did not so much appreciate. Lucky for him it was me he tried that on and not some of my other preggo friends… I know a few gals who would’ve decked him on the spot. Creep.

2. More on the memory loss/lack of brain cells thing. I have definitely NOT been on my ‘A’ game socially. Normally I can keep a conversation going, fill the awkward silences, and usually come up with a witty comeback or two. Now I find myself staring blankly into people’s faces and NO WORDS COME. Or the WRONG words come. *sigh*

Also, “oops” has become the most used word in my lexicon.

3. We’ve been attempting to prepare Kumeu for the baby’s arrival, but I think he may already have some issues. This week our angel puppy child who never chews ANYTHING other than his toys made his way into the baby room and ate half of an adorable ‘umbilical cord toque’ that our friend Michelle so lovingly made for us. This toque was also special in that it was Hazelnut's FIRST gift...

I almost cried, and I don’t think it was just pregnancy hormones talking. You would too if you saw how adorable the toque was before it became lunch. Apparently Lowell needs to ramp up his counseling intensity with the pooch…

4. Lower back pain. It's not so fun. HOWEVER, Cherri taught us the pelvic tilt during the Healthy Pregnancy class and it has SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you, Cherri... we owe you. I’ve also been DYING to get a maternity massage, but I’ve shied away because of this loathsome bacne (which my faithful ointment-applying hubby daily insists is getting better). I wouldn’t want to scar the masseuse for life.

5. Braxton hicks. Happening all. the. time!

6. Is it normal that we go on significant grocery shopping trips every 2-3 days? For the TWO of us?! (This is not pregnancy related).

7. While the manufacturers are still in possession of my support hose, I am thoroughly enjoying the heavenly respite in this heat. Not ideal for the veins... but ah well!

I've seen a few pictures lately of fashionistas wearing knee socks and heels. Really? Is that back? I don't know if I can hop aboard that train. But I'll consider...

8. Lowell and I have kicked project mode into high gear- getting things done left, right, and centre. I had a rather spontaneous/big idea for the baby room which I started... so now I'm committed! I'll report back when the room is done (oooo the suspense!).

9. This week a colleague asked, "when are you due again?" Upon my response, her face crinkled in befuzzlement, and she replied, "Oh. You're...ummm..... quite huge!" hehe:)

Now excuse me while I go whip up some cabbage rolls...


Bloggy Mama said...

I once had someone tell me they thought I was having triplets. Yeah - they were wrong.
Looking wonderful, Julie :)

Anonymous said...

enjoy the cabbage now cause you won't be eating any when you're nursing. You don't look 30 pounds heavier, and remember you were a stick! Remember how much other stuff you're packing like blood, water, etc. Keep up lots of healthy eating, it's worth it! Look at my sweet baby!! :-)

Shelley said...

you are SOO NOT huge, you look healthy and exactly where you SHOULD be. And 30 lb weight gain? ha...that's nothing!

Can't wait till baby!!