Sunday, July 24, 2011

week 32 - rutabaga

Hazelnut weighs about 3.75 lbs... just like a rutabaga (which, I think, sounds much nicer than 'giant turnip'). I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I'll be interested to learn whether this babe is on track with 3.75lbs, or closer to the 10lb mark. Apparently any time now he should be moving into his 'birth-ready' position (head-down). Oy!


1. People are VERY nice to pregnant ladies. They’ll pretty much bend over backwards for you. I HAVE heard, however, that once the baby arrives, people aren’t QUITE so accommodating (which is weird because I’m guessing that I’m going to need a LOT more help/sympathy when this child is on the outside). I better lap this up while I can!

2. I had every intention of completing a weeny teeny mini triathlon on July 30th, but the left side of my body has other plans for my life. Over the past week, my left hip/bum/upper leg has deteriorated, and WALKING has become somewhat of a grueling task. I now have a whole new respect for elderly folks and obese people. Day-to-day tasks are TRICKY!

3. Lowell is pretty much going to be the best father on the planet- I can hardly wait to see him with our child. Here’s a tiny glimpse of him with our adorable nephew, Ty.

And a wee video! I didn't really catch Ty in his true giggling state- I always pulled the camera out TWO seconds too late... but you still get the idea.

4. Besides the very regular, “What? You’re not due TOMORROW?! Then you must be having twins or triplets!” comments, Kylie overheard a little tyke at the beach say, “Mommy, that girl has a beach ball in her swimming suit!”

(For the record, I totally don’t mind all the ‘huge’ comments. I think they’re kind of fun… as long as they stop the INSTANT this Hazelnut is born!)

5. When visiting my great uncle at a small town Saskatchewan hospital, 5 of us charged in only to be met with panic-stricken looks at the front desk. The hospital apparently avoids deliveries at all costs, and they thought I was in labour. No thanks… not ready for THAT yet!

6. We’ve had a crazy week of traveling (more to come on that another day), and as we were driving through North Dakota we spotted a billboard for ‘Big J’s Restaurant’ and decided that a marvelous photo opportunity awaited (as I am indeed a ‘Big J’). Unfortunately the restaurant was no longer in existence, but Lowell did not miss the opportunity to adopt 'Big J' as a new pet name for me (said in a deep resonant bass voice of course). Awwwwwww how sweet.

7. I can't believe the countdown is at 54 days!!

8. Over and out!


Christi said...

Andrew often referred to me as his "little tank" when I was pregnant and this was always accompanied by tank like noises. Not super flattering. You, however, look amazing with your beach ball!!!

Becky F said...

Julie, I think you look adorable. So perfectly round. And I have actually found that people have been MORE helpful with me now when I'm lugging Blake around, than when I was pregnant. But I think I hid my pregnancy in my long torso. I hate to say it, but I think you look bigger now than I did full term. I only had like 3 strangers comment on my pregnancy. BUT you do have way skinnier arms than me in my pregnancy! (or now, haha)Its getting SO CLOSE! I hope you dont get too much more uncomfortable. Can't wait to see how cute that little hazelnut is sure to be!

Ryan,Grace,Penny, Tytus, Henry & Liam said...

I just want to say you are the first person to say you've heard people aren't so nice after the baby is born, because that is exactly what I experienced and thought it was so strange. During my first pregnancy I quickly got used to people being so polite/helpful and it was really nice but I kept thinking, I don't need that much help,i'm just pregnant not disabled (and I got the "Huge" comments all the time). I for sure thought it would continue after the baby was born, you know since i'd be lugging around a baby bag and trying to maneuver a stroller but I was sadly wrong. I couldn't believe how many people didn't help me! and the looks you get when you've got a crying baby... jeez. It wasn't "that" bad but enough that I wished I was still pregnant and how much easier it was to get around. Anyways... hope you have better luck. No one around me really experienced the same thing so I was eager to comment when it was the first thing you mentioned in your post.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and that you aren't overdue, as most first time pregnancies do. Also b/c your due date is my bday too and i've had a good time with it.

marcandorkylie said...

great post big J! i especially like the bits with that adorable little boy... his parents must be really really really ridiculously good looking. maybe he could do that for a career?