Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three is a Magic Number!

On Sunday, Lowell did his THIRD triathlon of the month! The sun managed to squeak through the clouds at the very end of the race, but at least the rain held off. As a picture-taking spectator, my hands were numb, but otherwise the weather was tolerable I suppose.

So, let's get started with the triathlon shall we? And by the way, it's SO much more fun watching a triathlon & taking pictures when you have a camera that a) takes pictures quickly, b) is ready to take another one right away, c) has amazing zoom, d) has burst mode and other desirable features, and e) doesn't suck.

Lowell setting up his transition area:

Waiting to start the 1km swim:

And he's off!

I think that this is my favourite picture of the day. I was so proud of myself for getting a picture when he was facing me. Again, thanks to our beautiful new camera!

Done the swim; getting ready for the bike! (Doesn't he look goooooood? He's such a flippin attractive boy!)

Here he goes on the 25km bike!

Aw, he's always smiling!

Lowell's turning the corner to start another loop of the bike. This is what it looked like outside through his sunny glasses. Keeps one optimistic I guess:

And here he is coming back from the 8km run!

Here's my triathlon superstar!!


Some technical facts:
Finish time: 1 hour 59 minutes 10 seconds
Age Group place: 9th of 19
Total racers: 293


Anonymous said...

Hey Lowell way to go!!! Like that black and white "jock" picture. It looks like a magazine shot :) What an athlete you are!!! We are proud!
Mum and Dad 11

Bloggy Mama said...

Good job, Lowell. And, I agree. magazine pictures!!

jill said...

Are you going to tell us about this amazing camera?!

shareen said...

good work on catching the action, Julie, and great work BEING the action, Lowell!

Karyn Clemens said...

Great shots, Julie! New cameras are always a fun thing :) Way to go, Lowell...again :)
What program were you using to edit the pics? They're stellar! (they're stellar without the editing, I'm sure, but very nicely edited nonetheless!)


steve said...

In the first picture, why is the guy behind Lowell wearing lipstick and have blood on his ear. It's creepy. I would run fast to if that guy was behind me.

Anonymous said...

what kind of camera did you buy? its amazing!?