Thursday, May 15, 2008

Star Studded Week

Lowell's half birthday (May 13th) was celebrated in style. We (Carlynne, Michelle (Dan's sis), Lowell and I) went to David Beckham's soccer game!! LA Galaxy was in Edmonton to play against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Am I the type of soccer fan that would purchase tickets to a game like this for the sole purpose of being in the same stadium as a celebrity such as David Beckham? No. Well, actually, that's a lie. I totally am.

The Whitecaps beat Galaxy 2-1. I was happy to see the Canadian team win, but I was also a little disappointed for David.

In the following picture, David is the dark player between the linesman and the white player near the front of the picture. The zoom on my camera is not its most impressive feature.
OOOOooo, here he is!
So that was on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday night my parents went to Anne Murray's concert. I'm guessing that the crowd at Anne's concert was a little more classy than our crowd. We had some rowdies behind us who were somewhat amusing at first, but once the alcohol started kicking in, they just got irritating. Anyhoo, Mom and Dad really enjoyed their classy evening:

So to sum up our celebrity sightings for the week:



Posh wasn't at the game, but I heard rumours that Mel C (aka Sporty Spice) might've been there as she was in Edmonton to do a concert the next night. I didn't see her, but we can pretend!