Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So, last weekend was our long awaited sister weekend in Victoria.

It all started when I registered for a workshop in Victoria. Shareen lives in Victoria, so of course I stayed with her; Kylie was just a ferry ride away so she decided to join us; and Carlynne just completed her last exam ever, so she partook in the adventure as well. This was all well and good except for that I had a conference all day Friday and Saturday. With an exam at the end of it to boot.

It ended up raining most of Friday & Saturday anyway, so it wasn't so bad that I was stuck inside all day. While my dendrites were busy branching out, the other sis's had some good times around the town, but the real fun began when I was done on Saturday (if I do say so myself).

So, here's the fun:

Out for fish 'n chips with explosive ketchup (mmmmmmm...) then taking pictures on the pretty green grass by the harbour.

B/c I get car sick so easily, I got to sit in the front with Craig while these goofballs had some fun of their own in the back! :

While I was at the conference on Saturday, the girls apparently saw a bunch of protesting males walking around in high heels. I still don't get this. Perhaps one of them blogged about it.

Saturday night we did face masks and watched Princess Diaries 2. Carlynne and I had a craving to watch it b/c we watched the first one last weekend with Dad and Lowell. Lucky for us, Shareen and Kylie were more than willing to indulge this desire.

Carlynne and Kylie are particularily photogenic.

How can Sunday NOT be a good day when you wake up to Shareen preparing a feast? Yum yummers in my tummers!

Sunday was market day! And guess what? The sun came out and it was a beautiful day!

Several vendors did not have mirrors, so we put the clothes on over top of our other clothes and took pictures of ourselves so we could see what we looked like. Kylie and I ended up getting these shirts (and I'm also showing off my new fish hook earrings).

(That's me behind Kylie with my new bag!)

Next was lunchy-loo, then it was back to Shar and Craig's b/c it was time for our dear Kylie to depart. *sniff sniff*

Carlynne and I had a fun and relaxing afternoon with Shar & Craig, then caught our 7:30pm flight back home to our hubbies (well, my hubby and Carlynne's future hubby). It was a wonderful weekend... and also spectacular to see Lowell and Dan's handsome faces at the airport when we returned!

Now I'm going to check out Kylie's blog. Lowell told me that she did a post about the weekend, but I haven't seen it yet. We'll see what her view of the weekend was...


Bloggy Mama said...

Yay for sitters, I mean sisters.
You use seestor.. I use sitter.

marcandorkylie said...

Great minds think alike! I really like your pictures, can you send them to me? ;)

Susan said...

You are all so cute!! Looks like a great getaway!