Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Triathlon

On Friday, Lowell and I headed to Carstairs for the great Mother’s Day BBQ that Marti threw for her Mom and our shared Mother-in-law (Lowell’s Mama). It was super duper fun, but unfortunately there are no photos to document the occasion.

After the BBQ, we headed further south to Lethbridge and arrived close to 1am. After a good night’s rest, we kicked around the house for a bit, then took our friend Florence out for a Mother’s Day lunch. Again, we don’t have any pictures of this, but I’ll slap up an old picture of Florence and I just so you can see this adorable woman that we love so much.

Lowell’s parents met us in Lethbridge on Saturday evening. We had a nice supper together (all of our parents and us), then had tea while chatting. Aaron and Megan popped over to join the fun.

On Sunday I was up bright and early to prepare 2 shifts of Mother’s Day brekky. Mom and Lowell had to be at the University for their triathlon between 7:30 and 8, and Jen (a friend that had been staying over for a couple of days) planned to leave for the airport by 7. So, breakfast shift 1 at 6:45am.

8am was time for shift 2.

By 9am, we headed to the University to catch the triathlon action.

Lowell's pre-triathlon good luck kiss:
Lowell swimming:
All the 'rents watching Lowell's swim:

Lowell's getting ready to ride!And off he goes!And here Lowell is approaching the finish line. Woohoo!While on the bike, Lowell's chain came off. Fixing it took time, so to make up for it, he went super fast along the rain-soaked road. He took a corner a little too fast and completely bit it. Ouchies!! Here's a small glimpse of his road rash:
Now it's Mom's turn. She's in the aqua bathing suit getting ready for the swim:After a successful swim, Mom is heading off on the bike:She's back from the bike!Grabbin a quick swig of water before the run...
I ran the last stretch with my Mom:And here she is going through the finish chute. GO MOM!After the race, we enjoyed some delectable goodies courtesy of the Penny Coffee House:
Here are the 2 champs. They both got second place in their categories. WICKED!
Some more post-triathlon photos:
We had an excellent Mother's Day weekend. Between Lowell and I, we have 13 siblings (including their significant others), and we had all 4 parents all to ourselves. Good times!

Congratulations Mom & Lowell for excellent triathlon finishes!!!!


Bloggy Mama said...

Congrats to the Triathletes! Amazing!

Katie, Bakersfield, CA said...


Hi this is Katie ... Bakersfield, CA. I must say that brekky looked preety good :)

Congratulations to your mom and Lowell :)

PS: The weather here is over 100 deg. HOT!!!

Mr. Hay said...

Way to go bro!
Proud of you (and your mom-in-law).